Galaxy S9 Won’t Turn On or Charge After Software Update

Galaxy S9 Won’t Turn On or Charge After Software Update
Galaxy S9 Won’t Turn On or Charge After Software Update

Whether you’ve purchased the Galaxy S9 last year or this fall; sometimes smartphones like Samsung could create an issue and you’ll be searching for the solution of Galaxy S9 turns off automatically or Samsung S9 won’t turn on or charge. So, now you have bagged the device there is no going back, it’s up to you to either try to fix the black screen of Samsung S9 or visit the Samsung Care to take help from experts. I’d advise you to look into this troubleshooting because we’ve addressed most of the Galaxy S9 Won’t Turn On after update issue as if it is a minor issue, these tricks might save your time of visiting the Samsung Store.

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Samsung S9 Won’t Turn On After Software Update

Trick 1: Force Restart S9

One of the potential solutions to fix Samsung S9 not turning on is to reboot. Performing this troubleshoot is likely to stabilize the system software and may prevent random system crashes that make the device unresponsive and slow. Check out the steps to force restart the Galaxy S9.

  • Press and hold the Volume Down button and Power key together.

If it works, then the device will reboot within 10-15 seconds; however if it doesn’t work, then try the other trick.

Trick 2: Charge your device

The very first mistake that most of the user makes is they don’t put the phone to charge until the battery is dead. If it is the case, then have you connected the Galaxy S9 to charge for at least 10-15 minutes? Once, the Galaxy S9 battery is dead completely, it could take some time to charge and reboot the device.

If the device doesn’t show any signal of charging, change the charger or cable or plug point just to verify, it isn’t the reason behind Galaxy S9 not charging.

After a few minutes, try to restart the device, by pressing and holding the Volume Down button and Power button until the display turns on.

Trick 3: Factory Reset S9

To give Galaxy S9 one more chance and fix S9 won’t turn on or charge after the update, then give a try to access the system by putting it into recovery mode. Factory restoring the phone will eliminate major software glitches that affect the device performance and firmware issues.

  • Turn Off the phone.
  • Hold the Volume Up + Bixby + Power keys together and release when the recovery screen (Android logo) appears. Wait for few seconds until recovery options come up.
  • Use the Volume Up key to navigate through the recovery menu and select wipe data/factory reset using the Power.
  • Again use the Volume and Power key to select Yes and confirm factory reset.
  • Once the master reset is fully processed, the options will ask you to reboot the device, use the power key, and restart the device.

Trick 4: Contact Samsung

Samsung is always ready to fix software and hardware issues like Galaxy S9 not turning on or charging; so if our troubleshoot doesn’t fix your problem,  take your device to Samsung care, they will definitely throw out the issue.

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