Forgot Password of Samsung Watch? How to Reset it?

Forgot Samsung Watch Password Recover Now

The Samsung Watch password feature is a crucial way to keep the device safe from the surrounding suspicious eyes, but what if you forget the password on Samsung Watch? If you have forgotten the PIN of the Samsung Galaxy Watch and attempts are made for maximum limits, it’s a most frustrating situation!

No worries! We have backed all the important points in this article, from how to unlock the Samsung Watch’s lost password to back up and restore the data store in the Samsung Watch. But before performing any steps to unlock the Samsung Watch it’s mandatory to create the backup as performing those steps will delete all the data stored in the device.

Here’s how to Reset Samsung Watch Forgotten Password?

How to Back Up Samsung Watch?

Backup And Restore Your Samsung Watch From Phone

  • Go to Galaxy Wearable App on the phone to which your watch is connected.
  • Select Settings > About Watch.
  • Hit Backup And Restore > Backup Settings.
  • Hit on the Toggle present near every option in the list, and then select BACK UP NOW. Doing so will store the data on the Samsung Cloud.

Unfortunately, images and music stored in the Samsung Watch will not be backup. Right after creating a backup simply follow the given below steps.

Forgot Your Samsung Watch Password? How To Reset It?

There are two ways to reset cannot remember the password to unlock your Samsung smartwatch, Factory Reset Your Samsung Smart Watch and Remotely Reset Your Samsung Smart Watch. But in the case of a lost password of the Samsung Watch, you can only perform Remotely Reset Your Samsung Smart Watch. To do so simply perform the given below steps.

Remotely Reset Your Samsung Smart Watch

  • Go to Find My Mobile from the browser. Then log in to it by using login credentials.
  • Now choose your Watch Name present on the left side of the browser display.
  • After that select Erase Data present on the right side of the screen > Erase, and write down the Samsung Account Password for confirmation and to proceed procedure.

After performing the steps the watch will restart and will load up with the default settings. Now connect the watch to the mobile phone through Galaxy Wearable App. And then check if there is any Software Update available, if yes then update the Smart Watch immediately.

How to Restore Data in Samsung Watch?

After removing the lock pin on the Samsung watch, if you want to restore the data on the Samsung Galaxy Watch, then simply follow the given below steps.

  • First of all, link the Samsung Watch to the phone.
  • Go to Galaxy Wearable App > Settings.
  • Choose About Watch > Backup And Restore.
  • Hit Restore. After that tap on the Toggle next to every option in the list.
  • Lastly, hit Restore Now.


This is what you need to perform to unlock the Samsung watch if you forget the passcode. If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to contact us by dropping the question in the below comment box. And if this article is useful to you, simply share as much as possible.   

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