[2022] WhatsApp Notifications Not Working on Samsung

In the endless era of the digital world, one of the best business messaging app is WhatsApp. Why? It’s available with multiple features and has end-to-end encryption to prevent data leakage. And what’s best about it is, completely free on both iOS and Android.

Mostly nowadays the user uses WhatsApp for the business purpose, so definitely they will receive a bunch of notification. If they missed any of the notifications, it would be a big loss. And presently there are many Samsung user received WhatsApp notification not showing on lock screen, so to prevent this issue there are tons of troubleshooting tricks to fix the issue. So continue to read this article as it may help to fix WhatsApp notification not working on Samsung s21.

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Fix WhatsApp Notifications Not Working on Samsung Phone

Verify the Internet Availability

As we all know having a smooth internet connection offers smooth working of social media apps like WhatsApp. So if you have Wi-Fi, disconnect the device and reconnect once again the Samsung or else reset the Wi-Fi router manually. And if, using a cellular network, enable the airplane mode and within 10-15 seconds disable it and verify the issue or else perform reset network settings.

  • Head towards Settings.
  • Go to Backup And Reset.
  • Search and tap Reset Network Settings.
  • Tap Reset Settings.
  • If prompted, enter Password, PIN, or Pattern, and lastly, hit Reset Settings.

Enable WhatsApp Notification

Essentially, just like a perfect internet connection, the WhatsApp notification needs to enable compulsory to receive important notifications from WhatsApp. If it’s disabled you will not receive notification from WhatsApp, so it’s better to verify if the WhatsApp notification is enabled or not.

  • Open the Settings.
  • Go to Apps.
  • Search and hit WhatsApp.
  • Hit Notification and lastly tap the toggle next to a notification to enable it.

Check the Do Not Disturb mode

The DND name itself says the feature that prevents unhealthy notification while having deep sleep during the nights. But sometimes it becomes un-useful when you missed the important business notification from your WhatsApp. So if verify that you did not accidentally enable DND on your Samsung device.

  • Navigate to Settings>Sounds>Do Not Disturb and disable it.

Update WhatsApp

Normally, updating the app is helpful as rebooting the device, because it comes with fresh files and new features and also fixes the bugs present in the older version. So just head to the Google Play Store and check the availability of the update.

Update the system

Same as updating the application, updating the system can fix all the minor bugs and glitches present in the device. And offers the advancement and handy way to enjoy social media apps like WhatsApp.

Re-install WhatsApp

How about just beginning from zero? Perhaps you have got tinker with an unknown issue which leads to WhatsApp no notification issue. So for this, you need to reinstall WhatsApp. But one thing you need to keep in mind is to backup all your chats. For this go to WhatsApp>Settings>Chats>Chats Backup. Doing so will prevent data loss even after performing re-installation.

Clear App Cache

Cache files are usually developed to offers a smoother and flexible experience within the app by reducing the loading speed. So when these cache files get overloaded or corrupted this creates various issues within the apps. Is it safe to clear cache? Yes, you can perform a clear cache it will not harm but makes your device and apps handier and flexible.

  • In the device Settings, go to Apps.
  • Select WhatsApp.
  • Hit Storage.
  • Select CLEAR CACHE.

Disable Power Saver Mode

Power saver mode helps to increase the battery life that allows fewer apps run in the background. By enabling the power saver mode can hamper some important aspects like WhatsApp notification not working on android 10. Here are simple steps to disable the power saver mode to prevent your device from WhatsApp notification sound not working.

  • Hit the Settings Icon.
  • Go to Battery.
  • Select Power Saver, then tap the toggle next to power saver mode, if it’s enabled.

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