Fix Samsung Tab S7 FE Wi-Fi Issues: Keeps Disconnecting

In this article, we’ll show you easy fixes to troubleshoot Tab S7 FE Wi-Fi Issues. Device network or Wi-Fi connection issues occur normally on your Samsung Tab S7FE. As all the device uses automatic switching technology to link with the known wi-fi networks and send back to the device network when the linked wi-fi network is out of the range.

But sometimes this cool feature makes you feel finicky when the best Samsung tab regularly disconnects with the wi-fi networks, due to which you can’t enjoy the day with the technology as you want. And if you want to fix the issue continue to read these articles as they may help you to fix it.

Fix Samsung Tab S7 FE Wi-Fi Keeps Connecting and Disconnecting

Toggle off Wi-Fi and on again

Yes, you heard right it’s a pretty straightforward workaround, but you will get confused how turning off and on wi-fi will fix the problem.

  • Scroll down the Notification Panel.
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi to disable it.
  • And Re-tap on Wi-Fi to enable.

Are you connected to the right network?

If you are on a campus where there are multiple Wi-Fi networks- like a coffee café- your Samsung tab S7Fe will link to one that is top in the list, there are chances that your device is linked with the wi-fi have some issue. So try to link your device with another Wi-Fi network.

  • Go to Device Settings.
  • Touch Wi-Fi.
  • Select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect with.

Are you on the latest version of Android?

Android OS regularly updates as it offers more security and includes glitch fixes that increase the speed of the device. Check if there is an availability of an update.

  • Navigate to Device Settings.
  • Go to General.
  • Select Software Update.
  • And if the update is available, hit Install.

Reset your network settings

Resetting is quite irritating, but something wrong you encountered with your Samsung device, it might be the most effective solution. So try on your device and verify the issue.

  • Access the App Tray.
  • Hit Settings Icon.
  • Go to Backup and reset.
  • Touch Reset Network Settings>Reset Settings.
  • Enter the prompted credentials such as PIN or Password or else Fingerprint.
  • Lastly, hit Reset Settings.

Verify the router

Now it’s time to check up the router if you have an issue with the specific network. Just simply dive into the router settings to reset or reboot it. As if we all the settings vary on the different router, so just simply go to the router and look from them.

Reboot your Samsung Tab

Rebooting the can increase the device performance, typically the continuous running of application in the background which may create various issues like battery draining, wi-fi keeps disconnecting, and many more. So continue to read these article as it may help you.

  • Press the Power Button to pop up the Power Menu.
  • From the power menu select the Restart Icon.
  • Wait until the cycle completes and verify the issue is fixed or not.

Contact Samsung Care

If you have performed all the mentioned workarounds and still not received any result, then your device might have faced a hardware issue with the Wi-Fi antenna or a chip. So we recommend visiting the nearby service center.

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