How to Improve Battery of Samsung Tab S7, S7Plus

Samsung has various models of tablets for sale, which offer various features when trying to select the best Samsung galaxy tab S7 and S7+. Like every previous model, they offer great battery packs even while continuously scrolling through social media, chatting, or else checking email. But as it gets older or you have installed various applications or else it could be the firmware issue you might encounter battery keeps draining.

Rather than trembling through your Samsung tab continue to read these article as we have mentioned best ricks to fix battery draining issues on android devices like Samsung.

Best Tips to Save Battery on Samsung Tab S7, S7Plus

Why the Battery Keeps Draining on Samsung Device?

There are various reason that can create abnormal battery or else battery draining fast on the Samsung device. Fist your duty is identify that if it’s hardware or software problem. To figure out the software related bug, you need to simply follow the given below steps. And if you have experience accidental falls the device then there chances where the device encounter hardware problem. But before that we recommend to follow the given below steps.

Update to the latest firmware

The present firmware on the Samsung tab may have some underlying glitches that result to the Samsung battery draining fast. And there are chances that it gets noticed by the Samsung developers, to prevent the device from going through various issues, they might have launched an update. So check if there is an availability of updates in device settings.

Enable Battery and Device Care

The feature battery and device care is usually used to prevent the android device battery draining issue by clearing the storage and memory of the device.

  • From the main screen, access the App Tray.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Tap Device Care and enable it.

Disable Unused App

Most of the users installed various apps and there are many pre-installed apps in the device and lastly, it results to capture more space in the device. Plus, those apps remain running in the background and use most of them consume more battery. So we recommend deleting all those third-party applications which are not in use.

Disable Always-On display

An always-on display is a great feature in terms of attractiveness but to prolong the battery life these feature needs to be neglect completely. Because in this feature your display remains continuously on, so it’s better to disable always-on display on the Samsung device.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Search and hit Always On Display.
  • Touch Always On Display, and then hit the Switch to disable it.

Enable Adaptive Screen Brightness

The most used feature on any android device, it automatically increases or decreases the screen brightness according to the surrounding condition. For example, if you are darker place the screen brightness will increase automatically, and if you are in a brighter place the screen brightness will decrease automatically.

Disable additional features like Bluetooth, GPS, and Wifi

Same as unused app the unused features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS can use more battery. So always turn off those features when not in use.

Remove the SIM card not in use

If your Samsung flagship has 2 SIM’s, and one of them is not in use, just detach it from the device. The Samsung device consumes more power in order to maintain the network connection.

How are you charging device?

Is your battery keeps draining, ensure that you use the right charging pair with your Samsung Galaxy tab S7. We recommend using an official Samsung charger that came in the box. And if your official charger gets crashed always compare the amperage and outpower of the official charger with the charger you are willing to buy for your device.

Neglect fully discharging battery

Are you having a habit to charge the device when the battery reaches 0%? If yes, then this not the case with flagship-like Samsung galaxy tab S7, always charge the device battery undergo 20%.

Synchronise Data

According to our research, if the installed apps like social media, email app, or any other third-party app synchronize regularly can consume more battery. To verify that apps sync as often when there is a need.

  • Simply scroll down the Notification Panel.
  • Tap on the Sync Option.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, you device might have improved the battery life and still not so simply go to the nearer service and ask for the change of the battery because as we have you performed all the possible workarounds to fix battery keeps draining on the Samsung device

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