Fix Samsung Tab S7 FE Cellular Data Not Working

Mobile data is one of the important for the tablet to function accurately. Just imagine the mobile data without the internet makes you completely detach from the social world. And we can completely agree that when it doesn’t work, everything feels more terrible.

Why might this happen

The cellular data not working on the Samsung Galaxy tablet may occur due to few reasons. These might e due to glitches in the system, poor network at your location, physical damage within the device, or else might be due to outdated applications.

Mobile data not working on Samsung Tablet! How to Fix?

Verify the cellular data is enabled

Firstly, you need to check if the cellular data on the device is enabled. To do so, swipe down the notification panel and tap on the Mobile Data option. And if the mobile data was already enabled on the device, you can try to disable it and then enable back. These will prompt the Samsung tablet to reconnect to the service provider and might fix out any bug. Also check the device LTE, 4G, or 3G on the status bar.

Turn on and off the Airplane Mode

Simply just swipe down the notification panel and verify if airplane mode symbol in your notification box, if the airplane symbol is blue, the airplane mode is enabled.

Why is data not working on Samsung? The culprit is airplane mode because it was enabled. Because airplane mode automatically doesn’t allow Bluetooth, cellular data, and Wi-Fi to run. So to use the cellular data just simply turn off it.

Restart your device

If mobile is still not available on your Samsung device, just simply restart the device. For a Samsung tablet press the power button to initiate the power off menu and lastly tap on the restart icon.

Reinsert your SIM card

If you have a SIM card in your device, another way to make your device connect with mobile data is detaching the SIM and then re-entering the SIM in the device.

Follow the Given below Steps.

  • Turn off the device.
  • Detach the SIM.
  • Re-enter the SIM back in the device.
  • Enable the device.

Now your device will itself the SIM once again, which might solve all the minor glitches that might cause 4G, 3G, or LTE not working accurately.

Verify Data Roaming Settings

After applying a lot of strategies, we found one of them is rebooting the Samsung device when the data roaming is enabled. Since we all know the data makes us pay extras, but if you are at home there is no need to turn on data roaming, so you can try these workarounds with the Samsung device and verify the issue.

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Go to SIM Manager.
  • And hit Data Roaming Toggle.

Now just simply restart the device and check if the issue is fixed or not.

Some of the owners of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7FE have encountered this workaround as an answer to why is my data not working? Issue.

Contact to Service Provider

After performing all the workarounds, the last thing you need to do is contact a service provider and ask if the service on the SIM is expired or else the lies within the network.

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    Are u sure Samsung Tab S7 FE has mobile data? I thought it only has wifi. I tried follow your step above, i still cannot find mobile data option. Really appreciate if you could assist me. My whatsapp number is +60129251246

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