Fix Samsung S10 Won’t Send Emojis | Send Questions Mark

S10 won't Send Emojis

Samsung S10 won’t Send Emojis in the Messages app and S10 sends Emojis as a Question mark. This is a weird problem because only the Messages app is not sending Emojis. Other third-party applications are working perfectly. Though Emojis are a key part of our life and the best way to express ourselves in a single message. With Emojis we don’t have to write the whole point, a simple expression is enough. Now, Galaxy S10 Emojis are not working, and on earlier devices, people were having the same issues with Galaxy S9 and S8.

In this article we have addressed the Samsung S10 won’t Send Emojis and why my Samsung S10 sends Emojis as Question Mark. These are very basic troubleshooting, you won’t lose any of the data of S10. Let’s fix the Emojis showing up as a Question mark on S10.

Fix S10 won’t Send Emojis

Change Settings of Keyboard

S10 won’t send Emojis, is occurring due to system glitch or you have made some uneven settings on the phone. Firstly, we will change the settings of the Keyboard and let the device decides the correct Emoji settings.

  • Open the Messaging app menu on S10.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Select Input Mode.
  • Switch to Automatic.

Note: Changing these settings may increase the charges, as sometimes the Emojis in Messages app is being sent as MMS, depends on Carrier.

Clear Cache of Messages App

If you are experience issues particularly with the Messages App or any other third-party app, then I suggest, clear cache of that app. It’ll surely work.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Find the Messages app.
  • Tap Storage > Clear cache.

After doing this, restart the phone as mentioned in next step.

Restart S10

That was quite a tricky solution, and probably the chances were low that the issue will fix. Doesn’t matter, have you restarted the phone after the first experience of Samsung S10 sending Question Mark instead of Emojis. If not, then do it now and refresh the System of the device.

  • Press and hold the Power button and when the Power Off window appears, select Restart.

Reset App Preferences

As I said earlier, incorrect settings can affect the functionality of the device. Don’t know exactly what were the changes you have made? That’s where Reset App Preferences came, so when you Reset App Preferences, all the applications will get reset.

It will Reset App Preferences for,

  1. Any Permission Restrictions.
  2. Background Data Restrictions for apps.
  3. Disabled Apps.
  4. Disabled App Notifications.

Note: You won’t lose any App Data.

How to Reset App Preferences in Samsung S10,

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Tap More Options, the (Three-Dot Menu).
  • Search and select Reset App Preferences.
  • Confirm Reset Apps.

Update S10

Check for the system updates on S10. Eventually, new updates are our last hit to fix the S10 won’t send Emojis in Messages app without any data loss.

  • Navigate to Settings > System Updates > Check for System Updates.
  • Tap Download if any pending update is available and once it gets downloaded tap Install.

Ask the Recipient to Update phone

Updating the recipient’s phone is as important as updating yours. If you are receiving a question mark as in place of Emojis, then ask the other person to update the system software.

Use Emoji Apps

Check out the list of the best Emoji Apps for Samsung Phones, that you must use instead of the default keyboard. Also, you have an alternative set of keyboard Apps for the Android phones waiting for you to try out.

Contact Samsung

If any of the above workarounds don’t help you with the Emoji issue, then run towards the Samsung Care, they are the only hope left for you.

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