8 Best Keyboard Apps for Android in 2023

Best Android Keyboard Apps
Best Android Keyboard Apps

For many users of Android, the pre-installed keyboard that is present in the devices is admissible. Moreover, there are many third-party keyboard app available for your Android smartphone on Google play store. This keyboard app comes with a couple of features that offers custom click tone, keyboard background, and decent emojis, etc. You can completely customize your Android Keyboard according to your choice.

While some of the users searches for better typing and others focus on customization and fun. No worries to reach all your demand, we have lined-up best keyboard app for Android that makes your typing skills more professional or funny.

Best Android Keyboard Apps

GboardGboard Google Keyboard

If you are a writer who is bored and abashed by typing messages or email with default typo, then the Gboard keyboard is the best option for you. It’s considered one of the best Android apps because it complies with an auto-correct base on AI. Highly flexible Gboard offers a small “Google” button to search for anything within the app. Moreover, the search result on the app allows you to share it with your family and friends plus, enabling the current location you can search for nearby ATM and restaurants.

The keys on GBoard are tidily sketched, mean right from the initial stage there no difficulty from switching default Samsung keyboard to Gboard. One more thing that makes Gboard more versatile, pressing long space bar turn on Google assistant.

Click here to download Gboard

Flesky Fast + GIF KeyboardFleksy Emoji and Sticker Keyboard App

Flesky Fast + GIF keyboard is a must-have Samsung keyboard app if you want to modify your keyboard that matches your profession. The app was in the list of one the fastest typing app in the world for more than one time. It comes with three types of customizable keyboard, 50 varieties themes, and 800 GIFs and emojis. Moreover, to make your work more hassle-free the app allows you to add extensions. If you are a professional typer, there is gesture control to add punctuation marks, space, and delete a word with just swipe across.

Unluckily there is no swipe typing, so it will letdown all the swipe typing fans. Flesky Fast + GIF keyboard android app supports more than 40 languages like Greek, English, Russian, etc. Initially, it will take some time to be habitual with this app but once you are set, typing is amusing with this app.

Click here to download Flesky Fast + GIF Keyboard.

Chrooma KeyboardChrooma Keyboard App for Android

The Chrooma keyboard can be counted as an alternative of Google keyboard, other than there are more customizable options compared to Google keyboard. The good thing about this app is that it has an adaptive color feature, which means whatever color the app is it will automatically adapt the color to the keyboard and make it as part of the app. You will find all the basic features like keyboard resizing, autocorrect, predictive typing, and much more.

Plus, it has a neural action row that guides you with punctuation suggestions, emojis, and numbers. Moreover, to protect your eyes while working at night, considering it, the app comes with night mode. However, it likely to come glitches, bugs with GIFs, and emoji sections.

Click here to download Chrooma Keyboard

SwiftKeySwiftkey Keyboard for Android

If you are willing to download a third-party keyboard app for Android to get free from the default device keyboard, then Swiktkey will never let you down. Because of its effective autocorrect it is considered as the best Android keyboard app. The app automatically learns the typing method and suggests correct punctuation and emoji. The function named as the flow is particularly designed for swipe typing which increases the speed swiping compare to tapping.

It contains both paid and free themes within the app. plus, you can create your theme also in this app. It is one kind of international app because it supports more than 85 languages. So don’t hesitate, download the app and enjoy your productive typing.

Click here to download SwiftKey

Go Keyboard

Go keyboard is a complete package of features and everything you searching for like reliability, voice typing, and much more. The app delivers more flexibility compared to any other app, by allowing you to customize the keyboard according to an app on which you are working, customize keyboard, add a theme of your own choice, and many more. If you are a fan of swipe typing then this app is a better option for you. The app supports both the local and international languages of many countries.

It comes with more than 100 themes that are updated weekly. Go Keyboard can be useful to those who prefer more to local language which is not handily available on other keyboard apps for Android.

Click here to download Go Keyboard

GrammarlyGrammarly Keyboard

Grammarly is well-known for its English checker extension, but thankfully the company has developed a keyboard app for Android devices. That has a combination of both grammar checkers and spell checkers. This app is best option for professional typer like email typer, a business application where wrong grammar can be adverse. Personally, I also like its cheerful design and color theme, plus, the dark theme who mostly works in the night shift.

Lastly, it’s a typing app for an Android device that will reach all your demand if you are a regular professional typer while using your Android devices.

Click here to download Grammarly    

Touchpal KeyboardTouchpal

If you are looking for an Android Keyboard that provides you a complete package of features along with customization then the Touchpal keyboard app for Android should be a better option. The app function is handy to use with functionality scratching the fingers over the keyboard for enabling the swipe functions. Additionally, you have a choice to create your theme by just picking up the images from the gallery that makes the keyboard app different from other apps.

This is the best app for Android devices who are a fan of different varieties of themes. Apart from this app supports emoji prediction.

Click here to download Touchpal Keyboard

Blink Keyboard is a free download app for Android, developed to increases typing efficiency. There are many users they search for the alternative keyboard of Android device, for them blink keyboard is the best option to choose. It’s simple to swipe gesture and customizable keyboard to switch into a single hand usable keyboard makes it more versatile. You can add used text smoothly with the help of quick text features.

For more clearance keyboard turn into portrait keyboard mode. The present feature of this app is quite difficult to understand, but once you become used too, it will fun.

Click here to download Blink Keyboard

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