Fix Google Play Error processing purchase [DF-BPA-09] Error

Google Play Store Error on S10 S10 Plus

Auspiciously, it is a just petty issue that you can solve in your own way. Thoroughly, you may only need to perform a couple of tricks to solve the issue and you can carry on downloading the app that you want to buy. In this article, I will share some tricks to fix Google Play Store “Error processing purchase. [DF-BPA-09]” on your Samsung Galaxy S10, and S10 Plus.

Before you begin with the troubleshooting to fix Error Processing Purchase on Samsung S10, we would recommend you to try to Update the Google Play Store. Moreover, to In-App Purchasing required a good internet connection to process payment successfully. Make sure the Samsung phone is connected to a strong internet connection, if possible try an alternate Wi-Fi network. One last thing you should do is, restart the phone and check if Error processing purchase, [DF-BPA-09]/payment unsuccessful on Google Play Store is eliminated or not. Otherwise, read on and try some alternative ways to fix the Google Play Store error.

Fix Google Play Store Showing Error Message [DF-BPA-09] on Samsung S10 and S10 Plus

Trick 1: Try Purchasing App from Play Store on Web

As I said before, this could be just a short-lived issue that you may find on your Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus. I perceive that this kind of issue that you need to address instantly especially if you buy application usually. If you don’t have enough time to address this issue, then you need to follow up some quick workarounds to prevent Google Play Store In-App Purchase error on S10. Your Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus device must comply with all Google’s demand to be capable to download apps from Play Store.

After all, if you can approach the app store through the web browser, just you need to do is the login you’re your account if you can purchase an application from the web portal as long as you have arranged your billing identification. Seemingly, this just way out to resolve the Play Store error on Samsung S10 Plus, not a solution. If this part didn’t work out for you then continue reading the next trick.

Trick 2: Remove and re-add Your Google Account

This issue is linked with your Google account and the one way to solve it is to verify that your account is set up properly or not. In case, reboot your device after removing your account from Samsung Galaxy S10, and S10 Plus. Once your device restarts, re-enter your account on Google play store and buy the app you were phasing problem with. According to me, this is the best way to refresh the device because all the data stored on the phone related to Google Account will get removed once. It is efficient and easy to perform.

Trick 3: Clear Cache & Data of Play Store

Clearing the cache and data of the Google Play Store is a very efficient trick to fix the Google Play Store issue “Error processing purchase. [DF-BPA-09]” on Samsung Galaxy S10, and S10 Plus. It vanishes and recovers the cache data of the Play Store. No need to worry, none of your files and apps would vanish after performing this task. Try to reboot your device to refresh the data after clearing the cache and data of the Play store. Once it restarts attempt to download the app you are having problems with.

Trick 4: Backup files and data and perform the Master Reset

If all trick doesn’t work, then you have to Master Reset your Samsung Galaxy S10, and S10 Plus. This process will find all probable firmware problems with your device. It is probable that the issue is just a petty firmware problem. So, backup your important data before performing this trick to fix the Google Play Store purchasing error on Samsung Galaxy S10, and S10 Plus. If you don’t know how to perform it than follow the given below steps.

  • Backup all the important data.
  • If you login into Samsung account on the Samsung Galaxy S10, and S10e, you have turned on Anti-theft and will require your Samsung certificates to proceed with the Master reset.
  • Switch off your Phone.
  • Hold down Volume High Button and the Bixby Button, then press the Power Button.
  • When the symbol of Android appears, free all the buttons
  • Press the Volume Low Button for many times to feature ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’.
  • Hold down the Power Button to select the given options.
  • Hold down the Volume Low Down Button until ‘Yes delete all user data’ is featured.
  • Press the Power Key to select and begin the Master reset.
  • Once the Master reset is completed ‘Reboot System Now’ is featured.
  • Hold down the Power Button to restart the Phone.

I hope that these tips to fix Google Play Store Issue “Error processing purchase. [DF-BPA-09]” on Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus has fixed.

If not, then report the issue to the Developer of the App, they will definitely bring the solution of your Google Play Store error.

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