11 Best Backpacks for All MacBook: In Trend and Safe

The best bag for MacBook Pro-16-inches tops the premium laptop investment. The backpack is the frontline fighter to keep the device long-term fighter. Ranging from affordable to expensive, leather to nylon there are lots of varieties and companies offering the backpack for a 16-inch laptop. But which is the best backpack for 16-inch MacBook Pro is the biggest question by many users.

To clear out all the confusion, we have worked all night and found the best 16-inch laptop backpack. So continue to read the article and select one for your device.

Best Backpacks for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

What Features Should I Consider When Buying MacBook Pro Backpack

Material:- Some 16-inch MacBook pro backpacks are constructed using waterproof material that can help the device against water spills in the rain. Also, the bag should be craved from the material that can be cleaned handily. In addition, the material should be long-lasting and well enough to intake daily wear and tear.

Comfort:-  This is the first thing to be considered while purchasing the best bag for MacBook Pro 16-inch. Usually, what you will fill in the bag is MacBook along with the must-have accessories. Ensure the bag pack you are purchasing will evenly distribute the weight. Plus also consider your body is well enough to intake the level of comfort from the bag.

Design:- Apart from these main features, you should also look at the design in a backpack for 16-inch laptop. You should also look on the backpack design that matches your personality and is suitable for every scenario either its office, home, or going on the tour.

Size:- The size of laptop backpack, should be spacious enough to intake the accessories for the 16-inch MacBook pro. The internal part of the best backpack for MacBook pro 16 Reddit should have appropriate size of compartments and pockets for charger extra stuff like smartphones, keys, sunglass, and more. Moreover, the thickness of backpack must be considered for the laptop; this can only determine whether the MacBook Pro along with accessories fits in the bag or not.

List Of Best Backpack To Buy For My MacBook Pro 16-Inch 2021

Incase ICON Lite Backpack

MacBook Backpack for College Student

Most of the backpack comes with more bulkiness but in case of incase it’s an exception. But rather than bulkiness, it offers great space for the accessories such as a mouse, keyboard, and documents. This best MacBook pro backpack offers handy access to each corner. Considering the carrying mechanisms, it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that comes with mesh padding to enhance comfort. Well, it’s long-lasting as it’s constructed using heavy-duty 840D nylon that intakes everyday wear and tear. Available in different varieties of colors like black, navy, navy-inco, navy blue, and red.

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Polare Cowhide Leather Backpack

Leather Backpack MacBook

Searching for a leather backpack for MacBook Pro 16-inch, consider the polar leather bag as it offers modern function and innovation along with traditional craftsmanship and durability. The bag body is made from cowhide leather, plus the zipper offers easy access to the accessories and device. For comfortability, the backside is craved with the padded design for extra breathability. Plus, the aside improved pockets can sturdily hold the extras such as bottle and umbrella. The backpack is upgraded with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

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Targus Drifter Backpack

Targus Backpack MacBook

Willing to buy a MacBook pro backpack and specially focused on durability, consider the Targus drifter backpack. This backpack comes with an industrial zipper for effortless access to the device. It features a large compartment for laptops to keep it secure from other accessories. Plus the extreme thick padding on the backside is willingly placed to offer lumbar support to the back. And the main front compartment allows placing the extra accessories like business cards, cell phones, mouse and debit cards. Available in three color options such as black, black-gray, and gray.

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JanSport Cool Student Laptop Backpack

Sport MacBook Backpack

Jansport is a well-known brand amongst the line-up of making the best apple backpack MacBook pro. As its top-pick by the students, the backpack is only a weight of 1lb. the backpack offers plenty space to store the extra accessories like books, mice, keyboards, and more. Plus aside elastic pocket allows to put the bottle and go for the daily adventure. The back panel and padded s curve on the backpack offer extraordinary comfort-ability. Since if you ever break simply return to the company. Available in varieties of colors white herringbone, grey bouquet, black, and more.

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Osprey Nova Women’s Laptop

MacBook Backpack for Women

The osprey nova is a well-known apple laptop backpack for its comfort, durability, and functionality. It comes with a designated laptop sleeve for the handy removal of the device. A front panel in the backpack offers additional storage of the extra accessories. Plus, the dual elastic aside bottle pocket so that the bottle can easily fit in the pocket. Moreover, the upper side strap comes to maintain the pack streamlined. Lastly, the osprey is an absolute choice if you are searching best mac laptop backpack to buy. Available in varieties of color options Ethel blue, black, juneberry purple, and more.

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MATEIN Backpack

Best BackPack

Carrying an array of best accessories in the same backpack is always advantageous, and that can be fulfilled by the MATEIN. The backpack comes with separate storage space to carry your delicate Mac device, plus, the suspicious storage space allows you to carry daily gadgets. For comfortable usage, the backpack offers proper air ventilation along with thick but soft multi-panel ventilated padding; adjustable shoulder straps offer complete stress-free usage. With a pre-installed USB Charger outside and Charging Cable inside; never let you encounter a Low Battery Issue. At last the backpack is manufactured using the Water Resistant and Long-lasting Polyester Fabric that can protect from every unwanted situation.  

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JOYHILL Backpack

Affordable Backpack

The stylish and durable backpack for Mac from JOYHILL will never let you down. Unlike the other backpack, the JOUHILL is manufactured using premium Polyester Fabric which is Lightweight, Durable, and Water-Resistant by nature. The pre-installed USB Charging port along with  Cable delivers comfortable charging even while traveling. The Strap in the luggage allows handy access to the device at the same point and prevents from the random falls and drops. Available in three different color options Blue, Grey, and Black so select wisely.

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Best Backpack

Want something super big to fit your daily needs along with the MacBook, then undoubtedly insavant is for you. It helps to keep your thing well organized and the material used for it is quite breathable. Moreover, the Adjustable Strap allows carrying the bag accordingly. It is perfect for any kind of usage Office, Working, Colleague, Shopping, Travelling and Hiking, so without any matter of doubt go with this best Backpack to buy.

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Modoker Backpack

best over all backpack

Their modoker backpack is unique but the best backpack for MacBook. It is available in different colors like Grey, Black, Blue, Green, Purple, and Red so it’s convenient for both men and women. Moreover, it comes 6-Compartment to store the various accessories. Unlike the other backpack, there is an adjustable strap at the same point padded with foam so there is no sweating. At last, looking at its manufactured using the 6000 Nylon trap. 

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Smartee Business Laptop Backpack


Suppose you are professional and looking for a backpack for formal and business occasions. The backpack Smartee evokes the same feeling. The look and design of the Bag for MacBook is entirely different from others. 

Whether a 14-Inch MacBook or a 16-Inch MacBook, the Inner Laptop Compartment holds every size, while the outer pockets are built to hold Must-Have Accessories For MacBook. 

Uniquely designed hard case on the out body protects the MacBook from bumps, knocks, and severe damage while preventing accidental falls and drops. The backpack for MacBook is available in different color options; 2023 New, Black, Blue, and Pink. 

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Muzee Waterproof Bag 


If you want a bag for MacBook, that’s suitable in an environment; Winter, Summer, and Monsoon, look at Muzee Waterproof bag. It’s completely designed for Businesspersons with a minimalist design. The built-in Charging Port and Long-lasting Zippers work excellently in an emergency. 

The Soft Cushion on the Backpack; make it comfortable to use even after carrying it for an extended period. With nifty features, this bag from Muzee is something you will always admire. 

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Why Is Backpack Must Have For My MacBook Pro 16-Inch? And Which One Should You Pick?

The backpack is quite feasible the accurate bag for just above every accessory. They are simple, handy, lightweight, and is the top pick for regular use. Whatever the accessories you want to carry, from a laptop to books, clothing, or else camera accessories, the backpack will never let you down. It keeps the MacBook pro 16 inches away from dust, debris, scratches, and daily wear and tear. Lastly, it’s best because it’s considered in the best MacBook pro-16-inch travel accessories list.

Which one is the best backpack MacBook pro? Well in this lineup, we have mentioned the best backpack for MacBook pro 16 inches, so you can go with any of them as it’s personally reviewed by the experts from the seektogeek. But my personal favorite is Polare Cowhide Leather Backpack as it’s pretty impressive.

Which bag Is Best For MacBook?

However, all the backpack for MacBooks present in this Blog tends to work better in any situation. So go for it without a matter of doubt. 

Is It Safe To Put Your MacBook In Your Bag?

Until still well crafted, in everyday language manufactured using better quality of material, it’s safe to put your MacBook in a bag.  

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