Fix “Not Registered On Network” Issue on Samsung S22

No Sim Network on Samsung S22 Ultra

Most Samsung S22 users have encountered not registered network issues on their flagship. This issue usually occurs with an error pop-up saying Samsung Galaxy S22 is not registered on the network. But unluckily, this issue lies within the device or SIM card. If you encounter the same issue, continue reading the article, as we have mentioned an effective workaround to fix it.

No SIM | Not registered on Network On Samsung S22, S22 Plus & S22 Ultra | Here’s The Fix

Why Is My Phone Says Not Registered On the Network?

There are various feasible reasons behind Samsung S22 says your network isn’t available, as it could be network related problem. And usually, it might occur after a natural environmental disaster. Moreover, there are various culprits behind such issues.

  • Corrupted SIM card.
  • Outdated firmware of the Samsung device.
  • Incorrect subscription of the carrier.

Restart The Device

In the initial stage, fix Not registered on a network might be fixed with a simple restart of the Samsung S22 device. As there might be a bunch of minor bugs that ultimately lead to various problems like the Samsung S22 Ultra not being registered on the network.

Remembering the same problem on the previous models, the issue gets fixed with a simple restart. Hopefully, restarting the device will fix minor glitches and bugs in the device. If the problem doesn’t get fixed after the simple restart, then move forward to the next workaround.

Disable Wi-Fi

Is your Wi-Fi Network conflicting with the Cellular Services? To verify, try turning off the Wi-Fi and observe the device for some time. Pull down the notification panel and tap on Wi-Fi to disable it.

Update The Device

After restarting the Samsung S22, if still the phone not registered on the network appears, we recommend checking if the Samsung S22 device has the latest version of OS. If that’s not so, verify if there is the availability of an update. If yes, then instantly update the device. And see if your phone is not registered on a network Samsung. To verify, follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Choose Software Update > Download And Install if available.

Turn Off All Wireless Connection

Now you should go through disable all wireless connections and check if it fixed the Samsung S22 Ultra not registered on the network. If you are new to it, follow the given below steps.

  • Swipe down the Notification Panel from the main screen.
  • Search for the Airplane Mode toggle, and tap on it.
  • After doing so, wait for a couple of seconds.
  • Now disable the Airplane Mode.

Re-insert SIM

Still, the phone says not registered on the network of Samsung S22 Plus; well, another possible culprit is your SIM. So try re-inserting the SIM and see if the Samsung S22 Plus not registered on the network is fixed or not.

Update APN Settings

Looking at all the possible reasons, we suggest updating the device’s APN settings and seeing if the visible not registered on the network is fixed.

  • Navigate to the Settings App.
  • Tap on the SIM Card & Mobile Network.
  • Choose SIM Card Provider Settings.
  • After that, head towards Mobile Network > Access Point Name.
  • Now choose the current APN or tap on the New App or + Symbol, and re-insert APN data.

Enter Service Mode

Especially for the Samsung S22 series owners, looking at all the possible errors. Here we can find out the radio signal that is disabled. This usually occurs if the issue lies within GPS & Wi-Fi.

  • Go to the dialing app and write (*#*#4636#*#*)
  • Now you will encounter a pop-up to enter Service Mode; tap on it.
  • Select Phone Information or Device Information.
  • Hit Run Ping Test.
  • Hit on the Turn Radio Off; your device will restart after that.

Reboot Corrupt ESN

If the not registered networks issue seems to never-ending dilemma, there are chances you have a corrupt ESN. Here is what you need to do.

  • Switch on the phone, and open the dialer to write the code (*#06#), this will show the IMEI number of the phone. If this highlights NULL, it’s confirmed IMEI is corrupted. 
  • Dial (*#*#197328640#*#*) or (*#197328640#) from the Samsung phone dialer; users need to choose the option “Common”.
  • After that, select option #1, FTM (Field Test Mode). It should be disabled. This procedure restores the IMEI Number.
  • Revert to the Key Input and choose option 2, which disables FTM.
  • Now, let out the SIM Card from the Phone and hold for 2 Minutes to insert the SIM.
  • Turn On the phone and write (*#197328640#) once more from the phone dial screen.
  • Next, navigate to the Debug Screen > Phone Control > Nas Control >  RRC. And then after selecting1 RRC Revision.
  • Tap Option 5. That’s It!

Customize The Network Mode

Still, if your phone is not registered on a network, make a simple change. A simple change in the device can make big difference and can fix the not registered on network Vodafone issue on the Samsung S22 plus. Follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Hit on Connections > Mobile Networks.
  • Choose the Network Mode.

Now switch within the different network modes and see if which mode helps to fix it.

Reset Network Settings

Wrong network settings in the device can make the device run unsteadily. Which can lead to various network-related problems like SIM cards not registered on the network. Thankfully, it can be fixed by resetting the network settings on the Samsung device.

  • Just go to Settings.
  • Hit on General Management > Reset.
  • Select Reset Network Settings > Reset Settings.
  • Write PIN, Password, or Pattern, if asked.
  • Lastly, hit Reset Settings.

Try With Different SIM

The error, like the phone says not registered on the network, unknowingly occurs due to the device not being able to read the SIM card. And performing all the above-mentioned tricks, the only workaround is to try with a different SIM. If it works, the problem lies within the SIM.

Contact Carrier

Hopefully, if the issue is still not fixed. You can go to the carrier service provider and look for effective suggestions to fix not registered on the network android.   

Why Does My Samsung Show Not Registered On Network?

If you encounter “Not Registered On Network” error on the Samsung phone, the most prominent reason is SIM card can’t link with the carrier’s network. Due to this, it’s not to receive text messages and calls.

How Do I Fix Not Registered On Network Error?

There are various ways to fix it, such as restarting the Phone, disabling Wi-Fi, Re-inserting and cleaning SIM, and if the issue still doesn’t go away, read the complete guide mentioned above. 

How Do I Reset My SIM Registration?

Navigate to Settings > System > Reset > Reset Mobile Network > SIM having an issue with > Reset Settings.

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