[2023] Fix GPS Not Working on Samsung Phone: Here’s a Fix

Mainly the Samsung device works accurately but sometimes is difficult to neglect handy issues, such as GPS map not working on Samsung, presently the Samsung GPS problem occurs more regularly than before. And we all know GPS is the most useful app when you travel to unknown places, researching the misplaced device, sharing the current location with friends, and if GPS stops working it becomes more frustrating.

Some of the users search for a workaround to fix it, but they didn’t get the right bunch workaround to fix it. Don’t worry! we listen to all to you are needs, no matter how much big it is, so continue to read this article as we have mentioned an effective workaround to fix it.

Fix GPS Not Working on Samsung Phone: Google Maps

Check the network connection

The most ordinary reason behind GPS not working on Samsung devices or any other Android device is bad network coverage. When some network signal penetrates or else you are in the metal building, then the GPS app on Samsung device can’t obtain strengthen signal to work accurately. So if you are in such surroundings, we recommend to go a place where there is a better signal.

Disable and Enable GPS

There are chances when the GPS entered into battery saving mode, for these restarting the GPS connection can be the right solution. So simply, scroll down the notification panel and tap on the Location Icon to disable, then enable again.

Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

While performing the various workarounds to solve GPS not working on Samsung S8, one thing mostly the users forget to perform is turning on and then off GPS. Because enabling the airplane will cut off all connections. And doing so will solve malfunctions related to the GPS app.

Update the Google Maps

As we all know, a downgraded app in the device will not work perfectly, because it could have a bunch of bugs present in it. So go to the play store and check if there is availability of an update. If the device has latest version of GPS, try to update the device.

Update the Device

Same as corrupted apps, the corrupted device can also encounter “Unfortunately, GPS not working”. To clear issues don’t occur due to this, kindly head towards the settings and check the availability of an update.

Turn Off Power Saver

Mainly the power saver mode is enabled to increase the battery life of the device and to increase the battery life, there are some limitation exists in the device. In those limitations, GPS is a prime factor, because it consumes more battery comparatively. So if you have enabled power saver mode, instantly disable it. And if the battery life is low, plug in the charger with your device through the best car charger, and enjoy your trip.

Turn On Safe Mode

The corrupted or not well-coded app in the device can create Samsung GPS not working after an update. And to identify it boot up Samsung device to safe mode, as it doesn’t allow any third-party apps to run.

  • Press the Power Off Key until a power-off menu appears on the screen.
  • Long tap on the Power-Off Icon to feature Safe Mode.
  • Lastly, hit Safe Mode.

Clear the Cache of Google Map

For handy access of an app, there is a cache file that automatically saves some data and files to load apps as faster as possible. And if this cache gets corrupted, you will encounter various issues on your device. So clearing the cache is best option.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • Search and hit GPS App.
  • Touch Storage.
  • Hit Clear Cache.

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