[2021]Fix Unfortunately, Spotify Has Stopped error on Samsung

Have you reached to the same problem? Spotify keeps when you play music, or app open automatically or else download the music. These could be due to local files getting corrupted or else the device not having enough memory space or it could be a minor firmware glitch.

Well, as we know there are huge number of users of the Spotify app but unfortunately, users encounter various kinds of issues and create an irritating situation and so it becomes a huge topic to work for. Don’t worry! Continue to read this article as it may help to fix the all problems that belong to Spotify.

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Fix Spotify Not Working and Stopped on Samsung Phone

Restart your Samsung Device

Whenever you go through such types of issues in your device then best and effective way to fix it is to restart your Samsung. The reason behind these is, when there are various apps installed in you’re device the memory is used more and lastly lead to various kinds of issue.

Force Close App

Same as restarting it fixes the device, the force closing the app will be an effective method for an app. So try to perform force close app and verify the issue.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Go to Apps.
  • Select Spotify App.
  • Lastly hit Force Close.

Update Spotify App

The developer continuously launches the updates, as it helps to boost the app loading speed and fix the bugs and glitches. So if Spotify keeps crashing on Samsung S8, verify if there is an availability of an update.

Modify Login Method

Most of the users of the third-party usually log in with the social media credential then chances are high of Spotify keeps crashing. Because sometimes the policies of the social media platforms are modified and they remain unknown to us.

Clear Cache and Data of Spotify

When there is any app-related issue in any of the android devices, then priority is given to clear the cache of Spotify app. Doing so will clear all the corrupted files present in the Spotify app and it will come with the fresh cache files. And these cache files increase the loading speed of the device.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Go to Apps.
  • Select the Spotify App from the list.
  • Then tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  • Lastly, hit Clear.

 Re-install Spotify App

The third-party apps keep crashing is an ordinary issue in Samsung devices, and usually, it occurs when the particular app is not compatible with device version. So when updating an app doesn’t work perfectly then you need to re-install the app. And uninstalling the app will clear all internal stored files.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Go to Apps.
  • Select the Spotify App.
  • Touch uninstall and then re-install it again from the play store.

Enable and then disable Airplane Mode

There are various factors and from that one of them is unstable internet networks, which results in Spotify keeps lagging. And to use those kinds of app, the device requires a stable internet connection.

  • Swipe down the Notification Panel.
  • Search and hit Airplane Mode to enable and then disable.

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