Fix Couldn’t Refresh Instagram Feed on Samsung 2023

Is your Instagram regularly featuring “couldn’t refresh the feed” notification, when you refresh the main page of the application. Well, many users from the world has encountered this problem. Usually, this issue occurs mainly at the time while viewing the profile or else refreshing the feed.

Don’t worry! By performing some of the effective steps which have mentioned in this article can easily fix this couldn’t refresh the feed Instagram issue. So don’t waste a time, simply follow the given below steps.

Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed | Instagram Feed Not Updating

Ignore Using Double Hashtag

Many of the users have noticed that using a double hashtag is culprit behind such errors. And if there is an availability of ## on the comments can create Instagram couldn’t refresh feed. Hence, to fix it you need to login to the Instagram ID using a different browser. After that, look at the comments and see if there is a double hashtag, if yes, simply delete it.

Restart Your Device

Firstly, to get rid of “couldn’t refresh feed Instagram am I blocked” you just need to restart the Samsung device. This workaround has given effective results to the users. But even after doing so, move to the next workaround.

Clear Cache And Data

With the frequent use app like Instagram, it begins storing the temporary cache file that helps the app to load faster comparatively. And if these temporary cache file gets corrupted, you might “couldn’t refresh feed Instagram 2021”. So try to clear Instagram app cache and data, these will ultimately fix the problem with the Instagram app.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Head towards Apps.
  • Now the list of apps will be available. Select Instagram App from the list.
  • Tap Storage.
  • Hit Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Verify Network Connectivity

An unstable network connection is also considered to be the one of the main reason to be noted. And if Instagram doesn’t receive proper internet then it may feature “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed on one account”. So once, verify that the location you are present has proper network, or else, if you are connected to the Wi-Fi, assure is it working accurately.

If Network Not Working Perfectly: Try to contact a service provider and see if there is an issue with the SIM card.

If Network Works Perfectly: If it’s the case, try to log in your Instagram ID credential into another device and see if it’s working properly. And if not, move to further steps.

Update Instagram Application

An Outdated version of an Instagram application can pop up “Instagram activity feed not loading” Apart from these if it’s outdated the application doesn’t receive any new feature. So you can check the availability of updates heading toward the Google Play Store.

Re-login Into Instagram

Another workaround that you can perform is signing out and in back. This is an effective way to fix issue as re-login will refresh the app and app-related problems will vanish.

  • Go to Instagram Application.
  • Select Profile Icon located at the right bottom corner.
  • Select 3-Lines located at the top-right corner.
  • Tap on the Settings and then hit Log-Out option.

Remove Inappropriate Post Or Comment

Same as the double hashtag, some of the Instagram users have received that “Instagram feed not loading” occurs due to inappropriate photos, comments, and posts. So there are chances that these can be the same with you. To verify, simply log in to Instagram on the PC and see if something wrong is happening.

Use Instagram On Another Device

If still the issue is not fixed, it’s better to log in the same Instagram ID to another Samsung flagship. After entering the ID credential to another device, simply refresh the feed and see if the problem is occurring or not. And if you receive “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed” is fixed then the problem lies in the device.

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