Fix Apps Crashing/Not Responding on Samsung Galaxy Watch

For those users who are facing severe app crashing and freezing issues on Samsung Watch, this article is for you. Read and follow the workarounds until the issue is resolved. Most of the time, by restarting the Watch or reinstalling the Galaxy Watch, this kind of problem gets quickly resolved. While we narrow down the issues, we’ve seen people reporting particular app crashing like training apps, etc. No matter whatever issues your Samsung Watch is having, these common solutions will show you the easiest way to deal with the app crashing and not responding to issues on the Galaxy watch.

The process remains the same for all the Galaxy Watch models, like restarting the Watch, updating the apps, and reinstalling the app when nothing works out for you.

Fix Apps Crashing or Not Responding on Samsung Galaxy Watch

Restart Galaxy Watch

Apps keep crashing on Samsung Galaxy Watch? Is it happening after a software update or without any changes? Anyways, let’s try restarting the Galaxy Watch to address the minor glitches and errors. Besides, you should often reboot the Galaxy Watch once a week.

  1. Unlock the Galaxy Watch.
  2. Press the Home button.
  3. Now hold down the Home button until Options
  4. Choose Power Off.
  5. To boot the Galaxy Watch, press and hold the Home button on Galaxy Watch.

Update Galaxy Watch

Another alternative to deal with problems that aren’t your cup of tea is by updating the firmware of Galaxy Watch. When the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Phone are paired and connected, the installed Galaxy Wearable App on your device continuously looks for new updates, however, in some cases, it misses out to update the Watch. Fortunately, you can update the Galaxy Watch manually too. Make sure your device and Galaxy Watch are connected to the Wi-Fi.

Method 1: Using Galaxy Wearable App

  1. Go to the Galaxy Wearable
  2. Tap on Home tab, and scroll down to end and tap Watch software update or Band software update.
  3. Hit Download and Install.
  4. For Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch 4, tap the Watch settings and select Watch software update.

Method 2: Using Galaxy Watch

  1. Go to the Settings app in your Galaxy Watch.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Select Watch software update.
  4. Download and install Software Update.

Reinstall Apps

If any particular app is crashing on Galaxy Watch, the rest are perfectly working fine, then you should target that problematic app and eliminate the possibilities of bugs. The best way to save time and fix issues is by deleting and reinstalling the Apps on Galaxy Watch.

  1. Go to the Galaxy Wearable App on your phone.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Swipe up and select Uninstall.

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