Fix Chrome Keeps Crashing on iPhone, iPad 2023

Chrome Keeps Crashing iPhone

Google chrome is one of the most used and efficient browsers and it’s great for all sorts of devices, no matter if Android, iOS, or Windows, Google Chrome will never let you down. Google Chrome includes varieties of features and customization and for more flexibility personalization for the google account accordingly. But as there is an increase in the number of users some of the users shouted that their google chrome keeps crashing on iPhone and iPad. Well, it can be minor bugs within the browser or a device.

Well no worries, we have mentioned some of the effective workarounds to fix the bugs so continue reading the article and fix the problem.

Fix Google Chrome App Keeps Crashing on iPhone, iPad

Why Browser Keeps Crashing on iPhone & iPad?

The culprit of these bugs can vary from device to device such as network-related problems, chrome is disabled, outdated application, or as outdated device. So for this, we have mentioned some of the effective workarounds for various culprits.

Restart Chrome to Fix Chrome Not Opening

The initial step you need to perform google keeps crashing on iPhone device is to restart the application. Performing this will help to clear out all the temporary files stored while the previous browsing session and it’s feasible that it’s creating an issue like chrome keeps crashing.

  • Access your iPhone Recent Apps Panel.
  • Scroll up the Chrome App to exit it.
  • Navigate back to the main screen and restart the application.

Restart Device

After restarting the application still you receive crash google chrome, then it’s time to restart the device. As it will clear and fix all the minor bugs present in the device. To do so simply follow the given below steps.

  • Press the Side Key present on your device until you encounter Power Off slider on the screen.
  • Swipe up the slider and hold for 40 seconds until the phone completely turns off.
  • Similarly, turn on the device by pressing the side button.

Close Different Tabs And Apps To Fix Chrome Not Opening

Usually going out of storage on your iPad or an iPhone can lead to errors in loading web websites and pages. This might also be the culprit behind Google chrome keeps crashing on iPhone or an iPad. So therefore it is necessary to clean out the culprit to experience smooth functioning.

  • Exit all the tabs leaving the ones that feature the error messages.
  • After that reload the tabs that feature error messages.
  • Exit all various applications or programs that are presently running.
  • Now simply pause downloading any files.

Verify Network Issue

Why does Google Chrome keep crashing? Still, you have encountered well for this try opening website or page on an alternative browser. And if you have encountered the page not opening on the browser. Then its chances where the issue lies within the network. So try resetting the network in the device, to do so simply follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Right from the settings, hit on the General > Reset.
  • After that, simply Reset your Network Settings.

Update Device

An outdated device features a lack of compatibility such as Google chrome keeps crashing. So we recommend seeing if the device has the latest version of the software. And if not simply head towards settings and simply update it.

  • Navigate to Settings > General.
  • Hit Software Update.
  • Touch on Download And Install. If the messages ask to temporarily remove the application because there are chances where the software requires more space, hit Continue.
  • Select Install.
  • If prompt enter the password.

Update Application

Unlike outdated devices, an outdated application can also create crashed google chrome. We recommend neglecting using an outdated application. So we recommend verifying the Google chrome version you are using.

  • Navigate to App Store on iPad or iPhone.
  • Select Profile present at the right top.
  • Swipe down and hit Available Update and look for chrome.
  • Choose Update To Install.
  • If prompted, write down the Apple ID and Password.

Wrapping Up!

We hope that the post from seektogeek has been ultimately helpful in offering the workaround to fix Google chrome keeps crashing in iPhone and iPad. But if you are still not able to fix the issue then we recommend connecting with us by commenting in the below-mentioned box.

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