Fix Camera Failed Error on Samsung Tab S8 Series

Camera Failed Error on Samsung Tab S8 Ultra

The Samsung Tab is numero uno in terms of Camera. And thus, users love capturing memorable moments with it. But random bugs or unwanted settings can cause a camera failed error on Samsung Tab. Worry not! As long as it isn’t a hardware issue, the Samsung Tab Camera keeps freezing is easy to resolve by following the guide. Let’s jump and get rid of it.

What Do To If Camera Failed Error Occurs in Samsung Tablet S8, Tablet S8 Plus, & Tablet S8 Ultra?

Force Close All Application On Samsung Tab

At a time Camera might not work, and force quitting will help you. To do so, click on the Three-Vertical Line in the bottom left corner of the home screen. Next, tap Close All. That’s It!

Restart Samsung Tab

My Samsung phone won’t let me use the Camera App launched recently. I restarted the device, and the problem is fixed! To resolve Samsung Tab camera failed go with restarting. Long-press the Power Button until you see Power-Off screen. Now tap on Restart option. Hopefully, the issue will get resolved. 

Check For Update

The outdated OS can be a reason for Camera App not working. To check software update availability, head to Settings App. Select Software Update. If there is availability, tap on Download And Install. 

Tip: Open the Camera App. Select Settings Icon, then scroll and select About Camera. Check for availability for updates; if there, choose Update Button. 

Force Restart Samsung Tab

If a normal restart doesn’t work, go with force restart. Press the Volume Down and Power Button until you see the Samsung on the screen. That’s It!

Free Storage

If Samsung Tab has insufficient storage space, it means entirely stored with Videos, Images, Music, etc. This can cause Camera app not working or fail. 

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Hit Battery And Device Care.
  3. Choose Storage.

From there, delete all unwanted Videos, Images, Documents, etc. 

Clear Camera Cache

The corrupted cache is often found to be a culprit for app-related issues. To let out this possibility, you Clear the Camera Cache by following the steps below. 

  1. Head to the Settings App.
  2. Choose App Manager.
  3. Search and select Camera from the list. 
  4. Tap Storage > Clear Cache.

Reset Camera Settings

Another must-try solution is to Reset Camera Settings; there are chances unwanted Settings are causing the problem. 

  1. For this, access the Camera App.
  2. Select Settings Icon.
  3. Scroll and select Reset Settings > Reset. 

Now camera will be configured to default settings. 

Check Your Camera Access Settings

The Camera may fail to work if the required permission isn’t given. To verify, head to the Settings App. Hit Security And Privacy. Choose Privacy. Further, hit on the switch next to the Camera Access to enable it. 

Delete The Corrupted App

Certain corrupted applications can lead to specific issues on your Samsung Tab, including camera app keeps crashing. If you caught the problem after installing a third-party app, you must delete it. 

To verify, boot up the device to Safe Mode; long-press the Power Button. Next, long-press the Power Off Icon until the Safe Mode appears. Tap on Safe Mode Icon. Now check if the Camera App is working usually. If yes, restart the device and uninstall the applications one by one and verify.  

Factory Reset Samsung Tab

Yes, Factory Reset Samsung Tab is the only solution left in the array. We have mentioned the complete procedure below, but before that, ensure you have created the Backup of data stored in it. For this, head to Settings > General Management > Reset. Tap Factory Reset > Reset. That’s It!

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