Fix Camera Failed Error on Samsung Tab S8 Series

Camera Failed Error on Samsung Tab S8 Ultra

So you get frustrated with the Samsung Tab Camera failed error. Well, don’t panic because it is a most commonly reported problem and fortunately easy to deal with. The Samsung Tab S8 camera failed error is mostly due to a software-related glitch and can be fixed without the need of a technician. I myself am the user of the Samsung tab, I ran myself into many bugs. Try solving them has given lots of insight views.

If you are one of them going through the camera failed Samsung tab, and searching the Samsung tab S8 ultra camera failed solution, continue reading the article. As we have mentioned some effective workaround.  

What Do To If Camera Failed Error Occurs in Samsung Tablet S8, Tablet S8 Plus, & Tablet S8 Ultra?

What Causes Camera Failed Error On Samsung Tab?

There is no specific reason for the camera failed error on the Samsung tab or an error code for the camera failed Samsung Tab 8. That makes it more trouble to fix. No worries, it’s not completely impossible, as in most of the cases warning camera failed Samsung tab S8 plus occurs due to the software glitch. This happens due to outdated software, or corrupted third-party application.  

Restart Samsung Tab

This is the most effective and tried & tested way that works to fix any of the issues in the Samsung tablets. A simple restart can fix the minor glitch present in the device that leads to the Android camera failure.

Long press the Power Button until the Power Off menu is featured on the screen,

Now from the Power Off Menu, choose the restart option.

After some time, wait for a few seconds until the restart cycle is completed. After that, simply verify camera failed Samsung Tab S8 Ultra is fixed or not. If that’s not so, simply move to the next workaround.

Use Another Camera Application

There are varieties of third-party camera applications available on the Google play store. They might not consume same features as the Samsung camera app, but still, they will never let you down. So just download and see if the Samsung tab S8 plus warning camera failed is fixed or not.

Verify the OS and App Updates

An outdated version of OS or an application can lead to several kinds of problems like camera failed Samsung tab S8 ultra. In such a case, we recommend verifying your camera application or an Android OS is not outdated. If that’s so, immediately update it without wasting a pinch of time.

Boot the Device to Safe Mode

Camera failed Samsung tab can be due to the corrupted application. What I mean to say is any of the third-party applications installed on your device can not be well coded. Which ultimately lead to tab S8 camera failed issue. So we suggest booting the device to the safe mode. As in safe mode, all the third-party applications are not allowed to run, only default apps are allowed.

  • Press the Power Key until the Power Off is prompted on the screen.
  • Now tap on the Safe Mode to confirm.

Clear Camera App Cache

The cache is usually used to store data that is used to function the device and application perfectly. And if that cache gets corrupted it could be the major problem why the application is misbehaving. So clearing the cache of the Samsung device camera application can fix the issue.

  • Navigate to the Settings Application.
  • Go to Apps Manager.
  • Search and hit the Camera App>Storage from the list of applications.
  • Lastly, tap on the Clear Cache.   

Detach and insert microSD

Usually, the corrupted memory card can result in to the Samsung galaxy tab camera failed error. A handy workaround can easily detach the memory card and verify still the camera application works perfectly. If Samsung tab S8 plus camera failed is fixed, this ultimately means the issue lies within the microSD card. In this case, we recommend changing microSD.

Factory Reset Device

Usually, we don’t suggest performing this workaround, as it clears out the data stored in the device. However, the last medicine left to fix the camera failed tab. But before performing so, we recommend creating a backup of data stored in the device. As it will clear out the stored data.

  • Navigate to the Settings App.
  • Hit General Tab.
  • Choose Backup And Reset.
  • Right below Backup And Restore, review the below-mentioned settings

   Backup Account.

   Automatic Restore.

   Back-Up My Data.

  • Below Personal Data, Hit on Factory Data Reset.
  • Choose Reset Device.
  • Enter the PIN, Password, or Pattern, if asked!
  • Hit Continue > Delete All.

Wrapping Up!

If none of the workarounds works perfectly, in such case, contact the Samsung support or else visit the nearest service station.

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