Fix Alarm Sound Not Working on Samsung S21, S21Plus,S21Ultra

One flagship has replaced many other gadgets like MP3 player, picture viewer, torch, an alarm clock and more. The clock app in the flagship has many features apart from ringing it offers multiple ringtones, customizable ring tone mainly used for important meetings. So sudden no sound issue on Samsung S21 can be a serious issue to the lookout.

Your Samsung S21 alarm clock not working and you don’t know the culprit. Due to which missed the important meeting! In this blog, we will help you to fix the Samsung alarm not working, for that you need to follow the given below steps.

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No Alarm Sound Not Working on Samsung S21Ultra, S21Plus, S21

Restart Device

As always, the first workaround should be to restart your Samsung Galaxy device. So stop whatever you are performing on your device because restart is quite effective!

  • Press the Power and Volume Low Buttons for 30 seconds.
  • Hold until the device completes the restart the cycle.

Disable Vibrate for Alarms And Timers

Disabling the alarm and timers is considered effective because some of the users of older devices fixed no alarm sound by just simply disabling it. So try to perform on your device, there is a chance it might fix the issue.

  • Navigate to Clock App on your device.
  • Look at the bottom to ensure that Alarm Tabis selected.
  • Afterwards, hit Three Dots to open settings.
  • Right from the Clock Settings turn off Vibrate for alarms and timers.

Verify Date & Time

One of the major to be noted is, we should take time & date important while setting up an alarm. For that best option is to enable Automatic date and time.

  • Go to Settings.
  • SelectGeneral Management.
  • Hit Date & Time.
  • Tap Automatic Date And Timeto enable it.

Doing so will help your device to detect the date and time of the current region.

Check or Change Alarm Tone (Neglect using Bixby alarm)

In the rare case, the selected ringtone doesn’t sound well either due to the file has been moved or a corrupted file. Also, neglect using the Bixby alarm as it doesn’t allow the original ringtone to ring. For that, it’s better to change a ringtone that works normally.

  • Navigate to Clock App.
  • Tap Alarm Tab.
  • Select the wished ringtone or else Create New Alarm.
  • Tap on Alarm Sound to enable.
  • Hit the Ringtone Option and select ringtone according to your wish.

Verify Sound Settings

Sometimes the accidental touch can make clock app silent. Usually, this happens because you can silent the app directly through the notification panel. So simply verify that your clock is not silenced.

  • Tap Settings Icon.
  • Go to Apps & Notification.
  • Select Clock.
  • Touch Notification and see if the notification panel is not turned off.

Clear Cache & Data App

As we all know the cache is a temporary file that helps the device to load apps fast. But sometimes this cache can get corrupted, due to which the device can go through several issues. To prevent the device from this you need to perform a clear cache on Samsung S21.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Apps.
  • Search and tap Clock App.
  • Hit StorageClear Cache>Clear Data.

Re-install the App

Lastly, if the issue yet not fixed, simply delete and re-install the application.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Apps.
  • Search and hit Clock App.
  • Hit Disable/Uninstall.

Customer Care

If your device accidentally hits the ground, there is a chance of physical damage. So it’s better to carry your device to a nearby service center because physical damage can be fixed only on the service center.

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