Best Video Maker Apps for Android In 2023

Best Video Maker Apps for Android in 2020
Best Video Maker Apps for Android in 2020

Editing videos isn’t that easy if you haven’t picked the best video maker apps, because our ultimate spot to download the applications for Android devices from Google Play Store and it is a vast collection of multiple apps, some are really useful and some are waste of time. Therefore, we have gathered a few best Video Editor Apps for Android; we’ve made sure you won’t be the next victim of unproductive video editing app.

These are some best free video editor apps, while few comes with an in-app purchase to unlock the premium effects and remove the watermark. Get ready to create your next Vlog, or Instagram video by using these video maker apps for Android.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android

1. Video Maker of Photos with Music & Video Editor

From converting Photos into Videos to edit the videos, FILMIGO Video Maker is an impeccable app available to download. The wide collection of popular themes, captions, hot music and all the elements that are necessary to make an impressive video, is here in the app. Maintain the super high quality of videos, with the same images or clips that you’ve imported from local storage and create interesting art, like professionals.

Plus add stickers, artistic texts, animated stickers, a variety of music effects, and more than you’ve expected. The app is free to download, however, to enjoy premium features, you might want to go for an in-app purchase.

Download Video Maker from Google Play

2. FilmoreGo – Best Free Video Editor App for Android

FilmoraGo is an all-rounder video editor app for Android in 2020, by Wondershare. You will find video editing features from basic to premium, like trimming, creating square videos for a social apps like Instagram, 16:9 videos for YouTubers, and more. Also, it has some great features like reverse play, slow-motion effects, music overlays, add transitions, captions and more than anything.

So, how to make videos in FilmoraGo? This might the next question for beginners, don’t worry, it’ll take three steps to create a video using this video maker app on your Android phone, see how’s it can be done.

Choose the photos, videos, from Facebook or Instagram or even from YouTube. Then, in the next step, you can add filters, title, captions, add background music and once it is done, save it and to Gallery or Photos app of the local storage. That’s it!

Click Here to Download FilmoreGo from Google Play

3. Adobe Premiere Rush

If you haven’t heard about Adobe, then I don’t know what to say. Adobe Premiere is one of the best video editor software for PC, but now, it has expanded video editing features to a smartphone with Adobe Premiere Rush app. Shoot high-quality videos directly from the app, and begin your editing from there, add effects, music, transitions, layers, crop the video, etc. Another perceiving feature is Multitrack Timeline, which lets you import three different audio tracks and four videos in a single screen with rich video editing features already waiting for you.

The high-end camera phones like iPhone 11 Pro, Samsung S20Plus, Samsung Note 10, etc. are the best mobile phones for professionals, to capture vlogs on the go and of course, edit with the Adobe Premiere Rush.

Click Here to Download Adobe Premiere Rush from Google Play

4. KineMaster

KineMaster’s another powerful video maker app, currently available on Google Play Store. With all the basic tools and easy to use interface, you’ll enjoy video editing on Android phones. Nowadays, KineMaster is a popular choice for TikTokers, YouTubers, and other professional video editors. Reverse videos, blending mode, different video layers, a variety of effects, stickers, add voiceovers, and tones of handy tools are available for you.

And lastly, after editing videos, it lets you export 4K Videos at 2160p and 30fps. The Pro version of KineMaster will unlock a few more professional presets, remove watermark and take over the entire video to the next level. Did you find the best video maker app for you? If no, then explore the further list.

Click Here to Download KineMaster from Google Play

5. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is still a recommended, top-rated video editing app with classic editing tools. The app is equipped with more than 30 effects, that will help you make efficient videos, just like professionals do with their skills and experience. However, while using PowerDirector you won’t need to be a skilled person to make videos; all the tools used to design and edit videos are included.

Other key features of PowerDirector are, it allows you to export 4K videos, speed adjustment controls to make slow-motion and fast forward videos, video stabilizer function to fix the shaky videos, and lastly, the chroma key that lets you edit background with green display editor.

Click Here to Download PowerDirector from Google Play

6. VideoShow Video Editor

VideoShow is an exceptional app, that has already occupied the place of best video editing app for YouTube as well as the best video editing app for TikTok. Apart from common editing features like trim, cut, adding music, etc. this app comes with additional packages to add emojis, text, video effects and much more that you’ve never seen in any other app.

Download this app, and create amazing stuff to share on Facebook, Instagram or on any other social platform real quick.

Click Here to Download VideoShow from Google Play

7. Movie Maker for YouTube & Instagram

If your purpose is limited to making YouTube and Instagram videos, Movie Maker app is reliable platform to design and show creative art in the form of short videos. However, I would not prefer this app, for large projects, you might find better options, but for short projects, believe me, this video maker app for Samsung or Android is incredible.

Imply your imagination in the form of videos, with the help of extremely easy to use editing tools and turn your weekends into an aftermovie. Overall, the app is fine to use on Android phones, try it once.

Click Here to Download Movie Maker from Google Play

8. Quik

Download Quik for all the powerful aspects, to edit videos fast and quick. Import your cam shots or videos from the phone storage, and perform some editing like trimming, cropping, video effects and much more and later blend with the beat of the Quik’s finest music collection.

Quik video editor app for Android phone has two options: 720p and 1080p, select one and start exporting the video to the Photos app or share it with your friends directly from the app. One thing I like about this app is it is the best ad-free video editor app for Android in 2020.

Click Here to Download Quik from Google Play

9. AndroVid

AndroVid is another video editor app to download for Android, it is equipped with dozens of features that could be used to create personalized video. At any instant cut, trim, remove the certain parts from the video, and other editing options are available on the go. Moreover, remember how we add fade-in, fade-out, etc effects while preparing a presentation? Likewise, all the functions are available in addition to slow motion and fast forward abilities.P

If you are tired of PowerPoint and looking for PowerPoint alternative, AndroVid lets you make slides with advanced effects and music.

Click Here to Download AndroVid from Google Play

10. Magisto

Magisto is a highly rated video editing app for Android, guess how many people are using Magisto? That said, more than 120 million happy users, have already edited videos on Android smartphones on the Magisto app. The app is easy to use, choose the photo or video, grab the best music that suits the photos, and let the Magisto integrates them to produce the breathtaking video.

The only reason, why I’d prefer this video editing app for Samsung or Android devices is, even if you are a beginner and looking ahead to make a career in video editing, this could the best start.

Click Here to Download Magisto from Google Play

To browse more such apps you can also visit this post on video editing apps by Pixpa.

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