8 Best Wireless Printer for Samsung in 2023

Best Photo Printer for Samsung

Can I connect my Samsung phone to a printer? Well, the answer is Yes. First of all, it should have a compact and lightweight design. Secondly, result in premium quality images and further durability and the time it takes to print out the photo. And most importantly, lower the cost of its maintenance. Luckily we have considered all these points while curating a list of best wireless printer for Android Phone. So do read and find your companion.

KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Color Printer – Editor’s Choice

Can I connect my Samsung phone to a printer?

The best small printer that connects to phone we have come across is the KODAK. A professionally built and portable designed printer easily connects with your Samsung flagship and turns your portraits and selfies into physical print in 60 seconds.

Equipped with Amazing ZERO-Ink technology that eliminates toners and ribbons. Additionally, 2” X3” sticky-back paper with embedded dye crystal results in detailed prints. It’s compact and lightweight, plus the lithium-ion battery prints 25 photos when fully charged. 

Atlast, you can use the Kodak app to apply customization on your snap. 

Zink Polaroid ZIP Pocket-Sized Photo Printer

Best wireless printer for android phone

Zink Polaroid is built with comprehensive features, although it has a compact design. It offers high-quality print to ensure the picture looks sharp, transparent, and glossy. It’s designed with the latest Zink Zero printing technology that firmly clears out ink toner and ribbons. 

Also, the 2X3” stick peel-back printer paper is colorful, water-resistance, and dry-off in no time. Besides, this mini photo printer for Samsung is super portable and easy to carry wherever you go. 

It offers a free Polaroid application to unlock all customization capabilities for more user convenience. However, it’s a pricier but worthwhile Samsung phone photo printer. 

Lifeprint Ultra Slim Printer

cheap printer that connects to phone

This must be an affordable photo printer for Samsung. For beginners, it’s sleek, a practical design with a thickness of just 19mm, and the ability to print stunning HD up to 2”x3”. Secondly, the instant print technology doesn’t require an expensive toner or messy ink. In addition, you will receive 30 packs of 2”x3” paper identical for a single round tour. 

Best of all, hyper photo technology converts your photo into real moving videos, scans via the lifespan app, and lets it do its work. And you can share it on social media with just a single click. 

Taking just a maximum print time of 1.00 for both color and monochrome, it’s speedy too! 

HP Sprocket Photo Printer

best photo printer for android phone

With just a size of 3 X 4.5 inches and 5.6 ounces of weight. It fits into your palm and can be carried in a pouch, bag, and even in a pocket. There is no need for ink cartridges, as a portable printer includes 2”x3” inches of chemical paper.

It connects with Samsung flagship using Bluetooth in no time. Besides this, you will receive an HP Sprocket app allowing you to customize photos, add frames, emojis, text, etc. 

Best of all, you can directly print from Samsung photos library or social platform in just 40 Seconds. 

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2

small printer that connects to phone

Unlike HP, it’s a compact, lightweight, and portable printer. Nonetheless, it weighs almost 8.6 Ounces. It’s one of the fastest photo printer for Samsung phone; you get results in just 10 Seconds. 

It connects to a Samsung phone using Wi-Fi; as always, you can install Instax Share App to print HD photos. Also, there is no requirement for ink cartridges. 

The only drawback is it results in 2.47 X 1.75 Inches, which is relatively smaller. All-over, the Photo printer is worth to invest.

Liene Photo Printer for Android Phone

best wireless printer for home use

The Liene mini is one of the best portable printer, its size is only 4.92” D X 3.35” x 0.98” H, and it weighs only 0.4 lbs. It connects to a Samsung phone using latest Bluetooth Technology 5.0, no chance of tangling cord or any bulky equipment. 

Just click the photo on your phone and turn it into a 2”X3” tangible photo in 10-20 seconds. For customization, you can install Canon mini print app to add stickers, text, and emojis. 

No need for expensive ink cartridges and paper, as it is built with Zink Technology. All you need is sticky baked paper embedded with dye crystal. With Liene App, you will find cool features, filters, frames, and more. 

Eschen Portable Printer

best small wireless printer

The lovely mini printer for Samsung is sized 4.3 X 3.1 X 1.4 inches and weighs only 160g. Additionally, a 10000mAh rechargeable battery is a pastry in a dish. It can be on standby for 6-8 hours; thus, it’s perfect traveling buddy. 

It includes inkless thermal printheads that deliver premium-quality and clear crisp images. However, it’s not equipped with latest Bluetooth technology, but enough to create a quick connection in seconds. You will get 1 Blue Printer, 6 Roll Thermal Paper, 1 USB Cable, and a user guide in the box. 

NEEGO Canon Ivy

Best Printer for Samsung

If you are in search of best phone photo printer, check out this Canon Ivy. Built with a rechargeable battery and wirelessly connects with device via Bluetooth. The unit can fit a bag or pocket due compact and lightweight design. 

The ink cartridges are replaced with Zink technology photo paper which is relatively cheaper. Moreover, the internal battery is durable and takes lesser time to charge fully. 

You will receive a USB cable and adapter, 100 sheets of 2 x 3-inch zinc photo paper. 

Get the Best Wireless Printer for Home Use!

That’s it, folks! Here we end with a list of the best photo printers for Samsung. I hope you might have successfully get your companion from the above list. May I know which one you like most?

Besides photography, if you are also fond of videography, you can read the article on the best Samsung Videography accessories.

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