Best USB-C Earbuds For Samsung In 2023

USB-C Earbuds For Samsung (1)

Here is the list of the best USB-C earbuds for Samsung. Since several Samsung flagships aren’t backed with a 3.5mm Headphone Jack, simultaneously, Wireless Earbuds aren’t affordable to every user. Therefore if you are looking for pair of wired earphone, consider buying USB-C earphones. As this accessory fits snugly into your USB-C port for non-stop music listening. 

Samsung Corded Type-C Earphones – Editor’s Choice 


With the convenience of USB-C connection, premium sound, comfort, and durability, the Samsung type-c earphones are a better choice to pair with your Samsung flagship. Backed with a 2-Way speaker to offer rich audio and balance; best of all, technology is designed by AKG.

 Additionally, it’s crafted using lightweight material, and each earbud comfortably fits your ear. And the fabric-made cable prevents headphones from tangling in your pocket. 

Skullcandy Set In-Ear USB -C Earbuds – Premium Pick 


When it comes to premium pick, there is no competition with Skullcandy. What distinguishes it is delicately shaped curves and soft earpads. They are suitable for every ear size. Simultaneously, the Volume Buttons let you control sound with a simple press. 

The IPX4 rating makes a better gyming partner. Additionally, the built-in microphones make communication through them more accessible. I can only say that it will deliver clear crips and high bass sound. 

PALOVUE USB-C Headphones – Value To Money


The Palovue is reinforced with TPE Cable Coating, Oxygen-free Copper Wire, and a Stainless Steel Type-C connector and includes a 9.2-Millimeter Dynamic Driver in each ear to deliver clear midst and deeper bass. 

The built-in Microphone and Volume Buttons can use to answer calls, voice wake-up, rewind, previous, and forward track. Plus, the Magnetic back snaps together, preventing tangling of cord. 

In conclusion, USB-C headphone for Samsung is ergonomically designed and will last for an extended period.

Symphonized NRG – Wooden Design


Wood-designed earphones from Symphonized NRG offer a premium feel. And that’s what distinguishes it from the other competitor. Besides the premium touch, it also delivers premium-quality sound. 

The design is intended to snugly and comfortably fit your ear. For more convenience, you will receive nine pairs of ear tips. Moreover, the earpads won’t let the outside sound interfere with your meditative time. 

Plus, the responsive buttons make operating music, attaining calls, and Bixby or Google assistant a lot easier. 

Belkin SoundForm Headphone – Trustable Brand


Perfectly fittings headphones output superior quality sound, and that’s what you will experience from the Belkin SoundForm headphone. Earpads get securely fit; there are no chances of accidental falls during outdoor activity. Plus, the noise cancellation feature prevents distraction. 

The responsive buttons let’s handily terminate calls and change volume levels. Best of all, the earbuds for Samsung are constructed using sweatproof material. Available in two different color options Black and White. 

BENEWY USB-C Headphones


BENEWY is a well-known brand in earphone community. Manufactured using a premium-quality DAC Chip that degrades the loss in sound transfer, plus delivers fine-tuned acoustic with solid bass and clear crips mids. ‘

The built-in microphone and remote control allow a handy tweak between calls, music, and meetings. Moreover, the ergonomic design reduces pain and fatigue, and magnet at the backside of earpads snugly attaches to prevent cable tangling. 

Lastly, it’s wrapped using TPE material, which has passed over 15000 times of bend life.  

Bolle & Raven Thore Type-C Headphone


The Thore version is ideal for audiophiles as it comes with all essential characteristics. In the box, you will receive three sizes of silicone gel to ensure that it fits different sizes of ear since a great fit can prevent chirping background sound. 

With its RVRB-8 digitally tuned earphones, the device produces an accurate and loud sound. Additionally, the noise cancellation property lets out all distracting sounds during calls. Plus, the highly responsive buttons allow you to change Volume level and ending calls simple. 



Catendo released fantastic pair of earphones in a pack of 2. Unlike the other USB-C earphone for Samsung, it has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. And the Control Buttons allow a handy way to play/pause/skip/previous songs.

Also, it comes with a 10-Millimeter dynamic driver on each side tuned for deeper and crisp bass. Plus, in-ear design helps to decrease ambient noise for a more peaceful music experience. Overall, the earphone is comfortable and durable at a reasonable price tag.

UNOLYO Type-C Wired Earphones


UNOLYO’s durable magnetic earbuds are a true example of a simplistic design is more than a stylish appearance. This Samsung wired earphone fits your ear canals completely and is perfect for all kinds of activity.

As usual, built with a DAC chip to maintain high-resolution sound. And for robust usage, it’s backed with a magnet on the backside of earbuds to attach comfortably. The headphones have three control buttons and a microphone to voice wake-up and play-pause the track intelligently. 

Get Best USB-C Earphones For Samsung!

That’s it, folks! Here we end with a list of some of the best earphones you can consider buying for your Samsung flagship. If we have forgotten to mention your favorite brand, let us know by dropping in the below comment box.

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