15 Best Wireless Charger for Galaxy S20 Ultra, S20, S20Plus

CHOETECH Wireless Charger (Pack of 2)

The latest Samsung S20 lineup supports fast charging with a 15W wireless charging pad. Likewise, Samsung S10, you can also use the powershare feature of Samsung S20 to charge it. It’s time to sell out old-fashioned wired charging cables, why not grab one of these best wireless chargers for Galaxy S20, S20Plus, and S20Ultra.

There are plenty of options available, some come in a pack of two, which means one for your office desk and another can be used at your home. Here is a few best Galaxy S20 wireless charging pad in 2020.

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Best Wireless Chargers for Samsung S20, S20Plus, S20Ultra

NAMANI Fast Wireless Charger for Samsung S20NAMANI Fast Wireless Charger for Samsung

Enjoy NAMANI wireless charge by simply putting your smartphone on the charging stand, no more need to the tangled cord to plug in or out. Flexible 2 coils wireless pad help you to charge your device horizontally or vertically for delivering the most optimal view while listening to music, watching movies, playing games, and more. The most convenient accessory for your device at any place like a living room, office, and bedroom, etc. The charger offers ultimate safety assurance against overcurrent, overcharging, overheating, and overvoltage.

It also safeguards your smartphone, anti-slip bottom silicon rim increases support and stability for any surface. There are no more annoying lights and beeping sounds with the upgraded version, the LED indicator light, by its turn off after 15 seconds. Officially company provides one warranty if you have any issue with wireless NAMANI charger.

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Anker Wireless Charging Stand for Android and iPhoneAnker Wireless Charging Stand for Android and iPhone

The Anker wireless charger is one of the best wireless chargers for Galaxy S20. The high-efficiency charger provides 10W high-speed to your device and gets boosted 5W charge at 10% quicker than other wireless chargers. Flip it in the desired way while listening to songs, watching videos, facial recognition, and texting message. Don’t worry about device case, PowerWave charges up directly without any interpretation.

Compatible with all types of plastic/rubber/TPU having less than 5mm thickness. Remove metal or magnet objects between wireless charger and device. It comes with 3 ft micro USB cable, PowerWave stand, and guide. Officially the company provides 1.5 months warranty.

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JoyGeek Wireless Charger

JoyGeek wireless charger includes one wireless charging pad and one wireless charging stand. You can use a charging pad to charge your AirPods and charging stand to charge your device horizontally or vertically. The intelligent product is Qi & ETL certified, built-in smart chip prevents the wireless charging stand from over-heating, over-charging, and short-circuit and delivers a safe environment.

Case-friendly design of charger detects your device sensitive and compatible with case within 5 mm but 4mm is the best wireless charging gap to charge your Android. It comes with one CHOETECH wireless charging stand, two Micro USB cable, and one fast qi charger pad. Officially the company provides a 1.5-year warranty.

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Yootech Vertical & Horizontal Wireless Charging PadYootech Vertical & Horizontal Wireless Charging Pad

A dual piece in the box, so there is no need to carry the charger from home to office and office to home. It allows you to charge your Samsung S20Plus, both horizontally and vertically, offers accurate angles for your eyes, while watching movies, sending a message or making calls, and listening to music without any disturbance while charging your device. An intelligent temperature protection design prevents your device from overheating and overcharging. One thing should be noted, there should be no metal case or object between charger and device while charging.

Sleepy friendly Yootech charger contains Green LED will turn ON for 15 seconds when device plug-in and then switch off to deliver sleepy environment. The product comes with two USB type C cables, a 2 Qi wireless charging stand user manual. Officially the company provides a lifetime warranty.

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ROCKYTECH Wireless Charger

Two pieces in the box, you place and charge with one stand at the office and another to your home. Qi-certified charger charge up your phone speedily. The charger comes with a 3.9 ft USB-C to USB charge cable and USC connector, offers excellent stability, a fast and secure charging manner as compared to a micro USB cable. Thanks to its fickle USB-C connector, no matter from which way you connect, protect a port from damage. Integrated 2 coil provides a faster-charging speed and wider wireless area. ATB technology increases charging efficiency, your smartphone gets fully charged within 180 minutes. Built-in intelligent chip prevents the device from over-voltage, and over-charge.

You need to discharge metal or magnet between the charger and device, compatible with all cases having a thickness 5mm. A slip-free base delivers high stability so your device doesn’t fall. It comes with two upgraded USB Type C, two 15 W wireless charging stand, and user manual.

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ESR Fast Wireless Charger for AndroidESR Fast Wireless Charger for Android

The wireless charging stands fully charge your Samsung S20 Ultra in 2.5 hours which is faster than other wireless chargers. Its slip-free stand delivers accurate angle and allows to charge in both landscape and portrait so you can check messages, watch a movie, listen to music, and video chat all keeping your device charge up. A flexible coil lets you, charge devices at a convenient place and position.

Compatible with all the cases having a thickness 5mm. The soft blue/ red light highlights the charging status and detects a foreign object. The wireless charger will turn off automatically when the device is fully charged. Protect the device from over-heating, short-circuit, and over-voltage.

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Spigen Convertible Fast Wireless ChargerSpigen Convertible Fast Wireless Charger

S20’s flexible design allows arranging the device in both stand and flat mode. You can watch videos, enjoy songs, and video chat in a desired situation. It is Qi registered product, compatible up to a 15W charge with supports all the devices except smartwatches. Soft LED light let you known the current status of charging and don’t disturb while sleeping. Compatible with all charging adapter without any disturbance. It includes a smart cable tie with USB type C.

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Samsung 15W Fast Wireless Charger StandSamsung 15W Fast Wireless Charger 

It’s Samsung’s official product, which means its first choice to be considered as the best wireless charger for Samsung S20, and S20Plus. Moreover, the stand supports all Qi-compatible devices and craved with dual charger coil to create a stronger connection between the stand and phone. While there is an LED light signal that works as an indicator to display the charging status of the device and fans to prevent it from over-calefaction. You can charge all the other portable Qi-certified devices through this charger but the speed varies on the type of device.

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ESR Lounge Stand Fabric Design ChargerESR Lounge Stand Fabric Design Charger

Like other wireless chargers, the ESR lounge wireless charger supports all the devices that support Qi chargers. The artistic design contains fabric and texture that offers pleasant to hand while touching. Apart from this, it has a safety feature that prevents the device and charger from short circuits and overheating. Moreover, it’s craved with a special indicator that notifies you that your device can charge through this charger or not. Thanks, to its advanced functionality and features that make a device charge efficiently and completely. You can place your phone in both vertical and horizontal positions.

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RATEL Wireless Charger for Android PhonesRATEL Wireless Charger for Android Phones

RATEL wireless charger designed concise and simple along with all the safety precautions taken into the considerations. It comes with a multifunctional intelligent mechanism that turns off the charger whenever there is over-power, voltage, or heat. While the intelligent recognition on the charger notify you whenever there is a metallic object placed on the charging pad. One thing you need to do is just remove the cover from the case while charging. The outer part of the charger made up of fabric to prevent it from random slip and falls. Plus, 1 year and 6-month replacement/back warranty.

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TOZO W1 Aluminum CNC Body ChargerTOZO W1 Aluminum CNC Body Charger

TOZO W1 is one of the stylists and slimmest wireless chargers in this line-up. It comes with all pre-installed safety precautions like over-charging, short-circuits, and over-heating. There is an LED indicator light that indicates the different states of light such as the device is fully charged, ready to charge, and more. Also when you place any metallic object on the charging pad it will automatically stop charging. Available in 7 jewels colors like black, gold, grey, and more.

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Hoidokly Dual Wireless Charger Stand for Galaxy Buds and Galaxy PhoneHoidokly Dual Wireless Charger Stand for Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Phone

If you are looking for a wireless charger as a durable companion, then Hoidokly is a charger you can rely on. Hoidokly is a 2-in-1 charger, having to charge mat and stand which you can use both combine and separately. There are 3 modes of charging 10w, 7.5w, and 5w so you can use it according to your preference. It comes with USB-C charging port and cable that offers a faster and stable charging experience, plus, there is an LED indicator that indicates the charging level of the device. Moreover, it prevents the device from over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit. And lastly, thanks to its compact size making it easy to carry in a backpack.

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OneCut Wireless Charging DockOneCut Wireless Charging Dock

If portability is top pick then this ultra-thin OneCut wireless charger is for you. It has extra functionality like an LED indicator which indicates the status of charging, plus, the anti-slip pad for accurate and non-slip placement of the device on it. Moreover, there is a pre-installed intelligent cheap that prevents the device from overheating, over-voltage, and short-circuit. With the simple and sleek design of this quality product making it easy to carry in a tight backpack, no matter wherever you go. And compatible with various devices like Samsung, iPhone, and more.

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Atrden Wireless Charger

Atrden Wireless Charger

No matter whatever position you place your Samsung Phone on wireless charger because this one allows to charge-up the device in 6 different position. At the same point, you can charge multiple gadgets like Earbuds, Samsung Watch, Phone simultaneously. Moving forward, it comes with built-in Intelligent Protection Chip which protects the device from Over-Current, Over-Power, and Over-Voltage. Looking at its appearance it comes with an Silica Gel Material which is comfortable by feel at the same point, never features the scratch on the phone. For more convincement, it allows the users to watch the videos as it come with Mobile Phone Bracket. So just never ignore it!

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Phelinta Wireless Charger

Phelinta Wireless Charger

Searching for All-In-One Wireless Charger, here you can go for one from Phelinta. Let’s talk about it!  The LED Indicator on it offers clarity regarding the changing status. The Advance Intelligent and High Efficient Chipset offer for about 10W High-Speed, at the same point, it protects the device from Over-Current, Over-Voltage, and Over-Temperature. Moreover, the Digital Clock craved with a Power Saving Mechanism, as it will go off when connected to power-supply after 10 Minutes. Also, there is no need to detach the case from the Phone but keep in mind it consumes maximum thickness of 0.5MM. The package includes 1 X 3 Wireless Charger, 1 X QC3.0 Adpater and 1 Meter Long Cable.

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