How to Use Wireless PowerShare on Samsung S10, S20, S22?


Wireless PowerShare is something entirely different, we were introduced with the Galaxy S10. Now if you forget the charger of Galaxy Buds or Watch at home but have some juice left on the Galaxy S10, its pretty simple to use the PowerShare on Samsung S10 and charge other wireless charging compatible devices. Not only Watch and Buds, but your Galaxy S10 can charge including other smartphones like iPhone, wirelessly, all you need to do is turn on the Wireless PowerShare and position the other phone onto the Galaxy S10.

Learn how to use Wireless PowerShare on Samsung S10, S10Plus, and S10e. It takes a few steps to set up the wireless PowerShare on the Samsung phone.

How to Use Wireless PowerShare on Galaxy S10 Plus, S10, S10e

Wireless PowerShare Not Working on Samsung S10?

  • Notably, it won’t work, when the Samsung S10 battery is less than 30%.
  • Remove the case cover from S10 and other devices to ensure fast charging.
  • Place the other Device in the middle of the Samsung S10.

Enable Wireless PowerShare on Galaxy S10

  • Pull down the Notifications bar.
  • Find and tap Wireless PowerShare.
  • When the Wireless PowerShare is enabled, the phone will show a message, “Ready to Charge”.
  • Now you are ready to charge the other device using the PowerShare feature of Galaxy S10.
  • Place both device align, to ensure fast charging.
  • The Galaxy S10 will show Charging message, indicating that both the devices are in correct position and charging.
  • To disable Wireless PowerShare, separate both the devices, and on the Galaxy S10 tap Cancel.

Best Wireless Charger for Galaxy S10. S10Plus, S10e

The wireless charger is an efficient and convenient way to charge your Samsung galaxy s10 plus and s10. All you have to do is put your phone on a wireless charger and relax. You can place a wireless charger anywhere like on a table or counter it will do its work effortlessly. Wireless charging works by transferring energy through induction to your device.

1) Yootech Wireless


Yootech wireless charger supports all Qi-enabled devices as it gives an output of a 10W/7.5W/5W with the maximum distance of wireless charging of up to 10mm. It comes with the notification light which turns blue when charging and turns blue on a standby. It has in-built safety features such as its notification light keeps blinking if there as card, coin or any metal on the phone’s backside. The more safety features include over-voltage, current surge, and over-temperature protection.


Compatible deviceAll Qi-enabled devices
Additional FeaturesSurge protection, Temperature  control


2) Anker Fast Wireless

Anker Wireless Charging Stand for Android and iPhone

Anker the wireless charger comes with a stylish appearance, making it simple and fashionable. It comes with the anti-slip rubber case which protects your device from falling. For safety, it comes intelligent to protect technology which provides temperature control and surge protection. You can place the device on landscape or portrait it supports both.


MaterialPlastic and Rubber
Compatible deviceAll Qi-enabled devices
Additional FeaturesSurge protection, Temperature  control


3)Mulueg Charging Stand

Skyvik comes with stunning design as it made of high-quality rubber and plastic. It supports charging in both portrait and landscape so place your device the way comfortable. It also comes with intelligent protect technology. So, it protects your device from the power surge and overheating.

Features :

Special Feature Automatic Off, Fast Charging, Charging Indicator
Connector Type Wireless
Brand Muleug
Wattage 7.5 watts
Color Black

BUY FROM: Mulueg Charging Stand

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