Samsung S20,S10 Edge Panel Disappeared/Apps Disappeared?

Edge Panel Disappeared on S20
How to Edit Edge Panels on Galaxy S20, S20Plus

In this fast world, it’s hard to keep track of the apps you have downloaded, the apps that are disabled and what apps are stocking unusual space on phone. Thankfully, to overcome this issue, Samsung Galaxy phones are packed up with smart edge panel features, to give quick access to apps that are most commonly used like WhatsApp, Facebook, Notes, Spotify and more. It depends on you, what apps you want to add in the edge panel.

I’m using the same, for some time, but after updating or for no reason, the edge panel disappeared and edge panel apps disappeared, If it has happened with you, then here’s the few tricks which will help you bring back the disappeared edge panel and edge panel apps on Samsung S20, S10, S9.

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Fix Edge Panel Disappeared on My Samsung S20, S10, S9

Trick 1: Examine the Screen

Often it happens that after restarting or updating the phone, the edge panel disappears from the home screen; however, it doesn’t escape from the home screen but gets rearranged or moved to another side of the display.

This is a very common mistake or you can say blunder by Samsung, without any prior notice or alert and all the people keep looking for my edge panel disappeared on S20, S10, S9.

Trick 2: Re-Enable Edge Panel

Eventually, after rechecking and confirming that the edge panel is gone from the screen, what will be the next step to bring it back? It’s straight and simple, determine whether the edge panel is disabled falsely by bug or update, it must be turned on to use it.

  • Go to the Settings app, pull up the App Tray and tap settings app.
  • Hit Display.
  • Choose the Edge screen.
  • Enable Edge panel, if already turned on? Then disable and enable it.

For detailed information, visit our article on how to add and edit edge panel on Samsung S20, S20Plus, which will work on other Galaxy phones too.

Trick 3: Restart the phone

Of course, when the above settings are correct, restarting the phone may help you get back missing edge panel on Samsung.

  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Power button for at least 10s-12s and when Samsung logo appears, release the keys.

Fix Edge Panel Apps Disappeared on Samsung S20, S10, S9

Trick 1: Ensure that App is not Disabled

After a long time, usually, we forgot and search for disabled apps. This scenario fits perfectly in this situation. Apparently, third-party applications can only be deleted, they cannot be disabled, so if it’s the third-party application that is missing from edge panel on Samsung, then, open Google Play and search for the app to verify if the app is installed on your device.

For system apps, open Settings app > Apps. Find the app that you are looking for.

To filter the disabled apps, tap on the drop-down button at the top of the screen and select Disabled.

Trick 2: Is App Hidden?

I hope you know, that once the application is hidden, it won’t show up on the device unless you unhide it. In the same case, if the app icon disappeared on Samsung S20, S10 or app missing from the edge screen, you can check for the hidden apps.

Trick 3: The App is Sleeping?

When the app is not in use for a long time, the deep sleeping feature of Galaxy phones saves battery by putting the desired app to sleep. Apart from this, all the background activity for that app like notifications, data usage, battery usage stops just to save battery.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap Device care.
  • Tap Battery.
  • Find the app this is missing from edge panel, and tap on it.
  • Disable Put app to sleep.

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