Fix Note 10 No Sound/Notifications for Text Messages

No Sound or Notifications on Note 10

Nowadays, people have become used to interact with each other through a message. Either for a business purpose or for some personal stuff. Utilizing the message as a communication channel for notifications is a fascinating option. The notification rises the stick-ness between communication ends. And if Note 10 no sound for text messages happen to arise it can lead to improper communication.

How do I get text notification on my Note 10? Or Why Galaxy Note 10 can’t receive text message notifications? Or why Note 10 notification sound not working? All these topics are noted in this post. It could just an issue with system settings or minor bugs. If you are searching for a workaround to fix the notification issue on note 10 continue to read this article.

Fix No Sound/Notifications of Text Messages on Galaxy Note 10

Enable Notifications if already not

  • Go to the Messages App.
  • If indicated to modify the default SMS app, hit YES.
  • Select the Menu Icon.
  • Navigate Settings.
  • Tap Notifications.
  • Touch the ON Switch.
  • Hit the App Icon.
  • From the categories section set up sound setting.
  • Enable the App Icon and disable the Do Not Disturb option.

Enable Notifications Sound

  • Access the App Tray.
  • Go to Settings Icon.
  • Tap Sounds and Vibrations.
  • Select Notification Sounds.
  • Tap Message Notifications.
  • Turn on the ON Switch for appropriate SIM.

After performing both basic steps verify the issue. If still text message notification doesn’t appear on note 10 then perform given tricks.

You Must Try This

The below-mentioned solution has already worked for Note 10 no sound for text messages issue.

  • Open the Settings
  • Scroll down and tap Notifications.
  • Find and go to Messages
  • Tap on New Messages.
  • From there, change the notification sound from silent to any other.

Before performing any troubleshooting technique ensure that you have turned on notification settings and also make sure that notification sound is enabled. If everything is perfect then, Fix Note 10 No Sound for Text Messages following the workarounds.

Verify the Settings for Text Message Notification

The Messages app lets you control the notifications settings, such as Sound, Vibrate Mode, App icon badges, etc. Ensure the Sound for Text Messages is turned on.

  • Open the Messages App.
  • Tap the three dots menu.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Select Notifications.
  • Turn on Show notification switch, if already enabled, then disable it and re-enable.
  • From there, go to Sound, and choose your preferred Sound for Text Notifications.
  • Also, set the Do not disturb mode, as per your convenience.

Disable Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb functions to disable the sounds, alerts, and notifications on your phone, including the text message notifications. If the DND is toggled on, then its pretty clear Galaxy Note 10 won’t send text notifications. Therefore, you need to disable the Do not disturb.

Access the Do not disturb button from the notification center.

Update Phone

The first rule to use the smartphone is to keep it up to date, whether it is an application or the system firmware. This helps to reduce the number of glitches, and alongside you got to use the new features of the device.

From the Settings App, tap System updates and install the latest software if available.

Force Stop the Messages App

Samsung does have an option to force stop the app, that’s what we are suggesting. Background applications load up the software, that simply caught up with such issues. Here’s how to force stop the app.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Find Messages App and Force stop it.

Clear App Cache & Data

Another worth shot is to clear the app cache. Periodically clearing the app cache makes the app work fast, and removes the buggy temporary files.

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Select the Messages app.
  • Tap Storage.
  • Clear Cache of Messages app.
  • There’s also one more option available, Clear Data, if clearing cache doesn’t fix the notification sound on Samsung Note 10, then try clearing data too.

Reset App Preferences

Reset app preferences clears all the customize settings to default.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap on three dots menu.
  • Select Reset app preferences.

Reset All Settings

Performing this, all the customized settings will reset to factory data, which includes Wi-Fi passwords, Bluetooth devices, and more, however, it is worth trying. It won’t delete any personal data such as photos, videos, contacts, etc.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select General management.
  • Tap Reset.
  • Tap Reset All Settings.
  • Wait until the Note 10 reboots.

Verify the issue in safe mode

Using safe mode will disable the third-party app and troubleshoot the issue with the device. If you are having a problem with the Samsung device and need to find which of your third-party apps might be causing a problem boot the device in safe mode. It will enable the OS with default apps. None of the third-party apps are allowed to be accessed.

How to run safe mode on Note 10?

  • When the device is on press the Power Button for a few seconds.
  • The hit Power Off until “Restart in Safe Mode” is highlighted.
  • Confirm it and wait for a couple of seconds.
  • Now your device is boot up in Safe Mode.
  • Restart the device to enable the Normal Mode.

Verify the issue in normal mode, if a notification appears, the issue is with third-party. Try to uninstall the third-party app individually and verify the issue. And if still it not fixed, move further to the next step.

Wipe cache partition

Now here clicks what is cache? A cache is nothing but a system file that is used to load the app fast. The wipe cache partition will eliminate system cache, which may have been got crashed due to some reason. The files are temporary and small but can cause trouble with your device. That’s why wipe cache partition is favored in these troubleshooting techniques.

  • Switch off the device.
  • Hold the Volume High + Bixby Buttons and press the Power Button.
  • Continue to hold the buttons until the device’s name is passed out.
  • Instantly, press the Volume Low Key to feature “Wipe Cache Partition”.
  • Hold the Power Key to select.
  • Now hold the Volume Down Button to feature YES and Power Key to select.
  • “Reboot System Now” is appeared.
  • Now restart the device by using Power Button.

Verify the issue, if still not fixed then move further to the next step.

Perform a factory reset

The factory reset is a procedure that brings a device to default factory settings. It is one of the essential and effective ways to fix bugs on devices. It easy to perform, if you don’t know, follow the given below steps.

How to perform a factory reset on Note 10?

  • Navigate to Settings Icon.
  • Scroll and select General Management.
  • Hit Reset.
  • Select Factory Data Reset.
  • Touch Reset.
  • Tap Delete All.

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