[Fix]What is Moisture Detected Error in Galaxy S20Ultra, S20

Fix Moisture Detected Error on your Galaxy S20

No matter what Galaxy Phone you own, once in your life, you’ll have to face and fix the moisture detected error. Do you know what’s the worst part of it, even though the phone is not affected by moisture or water, the moisture detected an error on Samsung S20, S20Plus, and S20Ultra shows up randomly and won’t go away at all. This error won’t let you charge the phone using a traditional wired charger unless you have a wireless charger; there is no way to charge the phone.

If moisture detected an error on your Galaxy S20 is popped up inconstantly, then you don’t have to worry; it’ll go away with the below basic troubleshooting. We recommend you to read the entire article and make the decision wisely for the betterment of the Galaxy S20. Let’s fix the Galaxy S20 Moisture Detected Issue.

What is Moisture Detected Error in Galaxy S20, S20Ultra? How to Fix Moisture Detected Issue on Galaxy S20?

Well, it’s just a random error that Galaxy users have to deal with every phone, even though if it is your latest Galaxy S20 lineup. However, we have come to a conclusion and pointed out a few reasons why Samsung S20 moisture-detected error appears.

  1. If the error just pop-out of nowhere, then it is the software bug.
  2. The charging port may be wet.
  3. Usually, if you live in a town where humidity is more, in that case, Samsung phones show moisture-detected errors in charging point.
  4. It could cause by installing apps from an unknown source.

Try this solution before going down to the troubleshooting tricks.

If you think the phone still has some juice left which can give you 2-3 minutes, then it is okay otherwise, you may need Wireless Charger and charge the phone.

Once the phone is powered on,

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap Device Maintenance.
  • Select Battery.
  • Then go to Battery Usage.
  • Find the Android System.
  • Tap Force Stop.

After that try to charge the phone and see if the error disappears or not. If not, then move further and try other tricks.

Case 1: Anyhow you think that Galaxy S20, or S20Plus is Wet, then here’s what to do and what not to?


  1. On seeing moisture detected an error on S20Plus, S20, don’t panic, stay calm, and don’t take any wrong steps, because charging port in a delicate part of your phone and it must be taken care of.
  2. Don’t use a hairdryer to dry out the water from the charging port since the hot air will push the water inside the hardware, and you may blow up the system.


  1. Find cotton or a piece of dry soft cloth and a small stick and then roll up the cloth/cotton around the stick and gently insert it into the charging port. Leave the stick inside the charging port for 30min-60min until the moisture is soaked by a piece of cloth/cotton.
  2. Since you are doing on your own, be careful; no one will take responsibility if any damage occurs while cleaning the charging port using cloth, neither Samsung nor us.

Case 2: If Moisture Detected in Galaxy S20, S20Plus, or S20Ultra occurs without any water damage then see what can be done,

We have conducted a few case studies on this issue and concluded what might be the possible reason behind this, you should also consider them.

Check for the charging cable

Somewhat the charging cable that you are using with Galaxy S20 can also be culprit as if the cable is wet, it will carry the water inside the charging port and so, the phone would show moisture detected error. To ensure that charging cable is not affected by water, let it dry out in open air for a day and then only use it with the phone.

If you need an alternate USB-C charging cable, check out our review guide on the charging accessories for Galaxy S20.

Use Wireless Charging Pad

On connecting the USB-C cable, if your phone shows moisture detected error, the best option is to use the wireless charging feature for a few days until the moisture error disappears. Here are a few best and affordable picks for Galaxy S20 compatible wireless chargers.

Try Safe Mode

A safe mode on the Samsung phone is quite a useful way to find out whether the issue is raised by a third-party application or there is any other potential malware that leads to moisture-detected error in charging port. On enabling the safe mode on Samsung S20, all the third-party applications will be disabled, you can access only first-party apps.

  • Power Off the phone.
  • Press the power button to turn on the device.
  • Now, when the SAMSUNG logo is displayed, release the power button and immediately hold the Volume down button.
  • Don’t release the volume down key until the phone reboots completely and Safe Mode appears at the bottom of the screen.

Once the Galaxy S20 is in Safe Mode, connect the charging cable and check if moisture detected an error on Galaxy S20Plus, S20 persists, or not. If no, then try uninstalling all the recently installed third-party applications from the phone one by one. Go to the Settings > Apps. Find the apps and delete them.

Clear USB Settings Cache

USB Settings are responsible for certain functions like detecting cable when you connect the charger or to the PC. Samsung S20 Moisture Detected could be occurred due to malfunctioning cache stored on the phone. Remove it and check if it works.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Tap on the three dots on the upper right side.
  • Choose Show system apps.
  • Find USB Settings.
  • Tap on Storage.
  • Clear Cache and Data for USB Settings.

Disable Fast Charging

Fast Charging is meant to save you time, but at times it creates trouble for us like the Samsung S20 moisture detected won’t go away. Let’s try disabling Fast Charging on a Samsung phone.

  1. Navigate to the Settings app.
  2. Select Device maintenance.
  3. Select Battery.
  4. Tap three-dots and disable Fast Charging.
  5. Connect the charger and observe if it is not showing moisture detected error, you may enable fast charging later.

Sign Out And Sign-In Your Samsung Account

Sounds to be a basic solution, but some users across various forums reported it to be an effective solution. So we suggest trying out on your phone. 

  1. Head to Settings App.
  2. Select Name present at the top screen.
  3. Further scroll down, and select Sign-Out.
  4. Once again, tap on Sign Out and jot down the password.
  5. Now navigate to the main screen of the Settings App, and tap Samsung Account from the top.

And enter to credential to sign in and further check for the issue. 

Try Charging your Phone while it’s Switched Off

Samsung shows a moisture-detected error when you connect the charger while the phone is on because its not safe to supply power when there’s moisture in the charging port. In that case, switch off the device and connect charger.  

Wipe cache partition

In the last step, we have shown how to clear the USB Settings cache, which was limited to a particular system function, whereas Wipe cache partition tends to eradicate the cache of the entire phone. Over time our phones stock corrupted files, that result in such problems.

Note: Doing this will not delete any personal data.

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Now press the Volume down, and Bixby and Power button all at the same time.
  • When the Android screen appears, release the buttons.
  • Use the Volume buttons to navigate to the Wipe cache partition.
  • Select it by pressing Power button.
  • When asked, Reboot system now, do it.
  • Always use Volume keys to swipe through options and Power key to select it.

If the error comes up again, then you’ll probably take help from the Samsung Technical Team.

Visit Samsung Care

We may ask you to factory restore the phone, but it’ll wipe out the entire data from the phone. Therefore, visiting Samsung Care is preferably a good choice if the phone is in warranty period. They will perfectly examine the issue to the root, and if necessary, they might factory restore the phone, to bug out random malware. Or make changes to the hardware of your phone.

Alternatively, if you want to take chances at home and try to fix on your own, then perform the below steps to factory restore. However, to keep the data safe, back up the phone, and then follow the steps to factory reset the Samsung S20.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap General management.
  • Select Reset.
  • Tap Factory data reset.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and factory reset the phone.

How do you override moisture detected on S20 Ultra?

Most positive workaround to fix the moisture-detected issue on Samsung S20 Ultra is clearing the Android System Cache. Go to Settings > Apps. Tap on Filter & Sort button, and select All. Find Android System > Storage > Clear cache > Clear data.

Why won’t the moisture detect won’t go away?

If you’ve been in humid weather, there are chances of Samsung showing moisture detected error, or it could be a software glitch. Restart the phone, make sure charging port and cable are not in contact in liquid; and there are some other reasons behind this issue. As an alternative, you can charge the phone via Wireless Charger.   

How long does it take for moisture detected to go away Samsung?

As long as there’s moisture in the charging port, the moisture-detected error won’t let charge the phone. If you’re confident that the device was never been in contact with liquid, consider it as a software glitch, and read our troubleshooting tips to get it fixed.

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