[2023] Telegram Notifications Not Working on Samsung

There are several times when the app like Telegram notification not working on Samsung or else you will receive “Unfortunately, Telegram stopped working”. Well, it’s not a common issue but presently many Samsung users are going through this issue. Well, this issue can be minor bugs in the app, or else there is a firmware issue.

For this, we recommend to follow the given below steps as it may help to fix a problem with a telegram message notification. So undoubtedly follow the given below steps.

Fix Telegram Notifications Not Working

Ensure that Notification are on your device is Enabled

If the telegram doesn’t send the notification on your device lock screen, you may have a disabled notification on a Samsung device. This is something that could occur accidentally can remain unrecognized. Hence, you need to verify that you have not disabled telegram notifications on a Samsung device.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Search and hit Apps.
  • Select Telegram.
  • Tap Notification and lastly hit the toggle next to a notification to turn on.

Reinstall Telegram App

After enabling notification of the telegram app and still, Telegram notification not working on Samsung? Then just delete the telegram app and then, restore the application from the Google Play Store. Doing so will reinstall the app with fresh files and cache.

Update Telegram App

As we all know the update fix the minor glitch and bugs present the in-app and at the same point makes the app more advance and flexible in use. So for that verify, is there any update present in the google play store for the telegram app. If yes, then instantly update it.

Disable Battery Saving

If you have enabled the battery saving mode on the Samsung device, then notification of many apps like Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and telegram will be blocked. This is the reason why you have encounter telegram notification not working on android. If you don’t know, follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select Battery And Device Care.
  • Hit Battery.
  • Tap Power Saving Mode.
  • Hit Toggle next to power saving mode to turn it off.

Restart the Samsung Device

If the issue is with the device, restarting is the effective method to fix these flaws. Moreover, if the notification has stopped working on Samsung, then restarting the Samsung device can fix the issue. So don’t get panic, simply just restart the device, and verify notification issue is fixed or not.

Turn Off Disable Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb mode is a most useful feature when you are in complete resting mode, because it prevents you from getting disturbed while you are in a deep sleep and some users have a habit to enable it. So just verify that you have disabled the do not disturb mode on the Samsung device. And unless you have disabled it you will receive any of the notifications on your Samsung device.

  • Scroll down the Notification Panel.
  • Search and tap Do Not Disturb Icon to disable it.

Reset All Settings

Resetting the device will bring the device to its default settings mode without affecting the data stored in the device. So any customization made in the device settings will bring back to normal mode.

  • Go to App Tray.
  • Hit Settings Icon.
  • Search and hit Backup And Reset.
  • Tap Reset Settings.
  • And lastly, hit RESET.

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