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If your Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Super fast charging not working, read the article through the end. There are plenty of reasons why the fast charging stopped working, our major goal is to verify them one by one and see if it can change the charging speed or not. Many times, the faulty charger or cable is responsible for slow charging speed and of course the damaged charging port too. The super-fast charging saves much more time, compared to old traditional slow chargers, isn’t it?

So start with the tutorial, and fix the fast charging not working on the Samsung Note 20. Also, mention which solution did work for you.

Fix the Samsung Note 20 Ultra Super Fast Charging Not Working

Make Sure Super Fast Charging is Enabled

Before troubleshooting Note 20, check that the Superfast charging feature is already turned on, in your phone to avoid misunderstanding. By default, it should be enabled; however, anything can happen since it is an electronic device.

  1. Go to the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Tap Device care > Battery > Charging. Alternatively, search Super Fast Charging in the Settings app.
  3. Toggle On Super Fast Charging.

Switch Off and Charge

This is an old trick but works on the new device too. Many folks are habituated to use the phone while charging, which is not good for battery health. Besides, you should avoid using the phone unless it power-ups to 100%.

Press the Power button, and choose POWER OFF.

Leave the device is charging until the battery completely charges to 100%.

Make Sure You’re Using Original Charger

We are still very much lucky that Samsung does provide a certified charger with the Samsung Note 20 Ultra. Using the original charger that came inside the box is quite important for the battery health and charging speed of the phone.

At the same time, verify the Wall Socket is in total working condition, and also currently is not fluctuating.

Try Alternate Wall Charger

A few days back I was facing the same issue with the Galaxy S20 Fast Charging Not Working, which later I realized it was due to a damaged charging adapter. Sometimes, a faulty charging cable works perfectly, but won’t fast charge the Note 20 Ultra.

Buy a new Fast Charger from Amazon or borrow a charger from your friend to check the fast charging function.

Clean Charging Port

Along with Charging Adapters and Cables, the charging ports play a major role, because a single dust particle could force you to visit the Samsung Service Center. In addition, the charging port stays open all the time, always ready to capture the dust and debris nearby you.

Use the Torchlight and see if you can locate any dust or debris in the charging port.

Cotton Buds and Toothpicks is recommended to clean the charging port, though, you need to be careful while cleaning it, otherwise, you may break the internal parts.

Update the Software

It does sound irrelevant, but software plays a crucial role, and it is the only thing responsible to maintain the smoothness while using the phone. There is no harm is updating the software of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, if fast charging not working.

  1. Connect the device to Wi-Fi and if possible make sure it is 50% charged at least.
  2. Go to the Settings
  3. Search Software update.

Use Note 20 Ultra in Safe Mode

The safe mode disables all the third-party applications but the default apps remain active. While charging the phone in Safe Mode, you can verify if there is any third-party app is preventing the super-fast charging.

  1. Press and hold the Power button.
  2. Long press the POWER OFF
  3. Choose Safe mode.
  4. Now charge the Samsung Note 20 usually, and if super-fast charging is working correctly, start deleting the recently installed third-party apps one by one until you caught the culprit.
  5. To exit the Safe mode, restart the device normally.

Contact Samsung

Last but not the least, all you can do is contact the Samsung Service Center. Let them examine the Samsung Note 20 Ultra, hardware, and software. Leave everything on them.

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