Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 Not Connecting to iPhone/Android

Galaxy Watch Active 2 Not Connecting to iPhone, Android
Galaxy Watch Active 2 Not Connecting to iPhone, Android

Sometimes a simple pairing process can be a pain in the head, especially when the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 keeps disconnecting or Galaxy Watch is not connecting to iPhone/Android. Every other person has different reasons why it happens, and by all means, diverse solutions that work to fix the problem. Notably, it’s not like restarting the Watch or Updating it to the latest firmware will bring all the problems to the end; the issues with electronic gadgets are widely extensive and can’t be settled by one trick. Let’s not go into other matters and stay focused on the one.

We’ve accommodated certain common tips that are likely to help you get rid of the connectivity issues with the Galaxy Watch. Furthermore, they will also be applicable if the Galaxy Watch Active 2 keeps disconnecting from iPhone or Android.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Won’t Connect to My Phone: Android, iOS

Reboot Watch and Phone

Starting the battle with a simple restarting process. In most cases, rebooting the device and Galaxy Watch resolves the connection issues. Therefore, without wasting time trying deep troubleshoots, why not restart the Galaxy Watch Active 3 and iPhone/Android phone and then re-connect, as always?

Since it is not yet clear, the issue is with the Watch or Phone; hence, rebooting both of them is a wise choice.

Restart Galaxy Watch Active 2

  • Press and hold the Power button and select Power off.
  • Once the Watch is completely powered off, likewise, press the Power button to turn it on

Restart the Phone

  • Usually, all the devices can be restarted by the same procedure, hold down the Power button, and choose Restart/Reboot.

After both Galaxy Watch and Phone are entirely turned on, give it a try by following the usual procedure, and pairing them.

Update the Phone & Galaxy Watch

When the Samsung Galaxy Watch won’t connect to iPhone or Android, the second thing to be checked is the software updates for the Watch and the smartphone. The easiest way to ensure the Galaxy Watch Active 2 stays up to date is from the Galaxy Wearable app.

Due to connection issues with Galaxy Watch and iPhone/Android phone, if you can’t pair them, then individually update the Watch and the phone.

Don’t forget to connect your Galaxy Watch and Smartphone to Wi-Fi before updating them to avoid interruptions with an ongoing software update. In addition, plug the charger too.

Update Galaxy Watch with Phone,

  • Go to the Galaxy Wearable app on the device to which the Watch is paired.
  • Hit the Home tab.
  • Select the Watch software update.
  • Up next, tap Download and install.

Update Galaxy Watch Active 2 without phone,

  • Open the Settings app on the Galaxy Watch.
  • Tap General.
  • Then, Update the watch software.

Update the Android Phone,

  • Navigate to the Settings app.
  • Search Software Update to check for updates.

Update iPhone,

  • Open the Settings app > General > Software Update.

Update Galaxy Wearable App

Sometimes, the Galaxy Wearable App needs to be updated to the latest version available. Generally, the apps are set to auto-update to be safe, manually check for the updates, and update the Wearable app if it needs to be.

  • Visit Google Play.
  • Directly search the Galaxy Wearable app and tap the Update button if it appears.

Clear App Cache (Only Android)

This solution does not apply to iPhone users; skip this if you’re an iPhone user. While for Android phones, clearing the Galaxy Wearable app cache and data is a good exercise to drill down the connection conflicts between the watch and the phone.

Frequently, the temporary files, aka cache files, cause insignificant troubles like this when they are way too old. Nothing to worry about, as once you relaunch the app, everything will be as normal as earlier.

  • Go to the Settings app of the phone you are trying to connect the Galaxy Watch.
  • Tap Apps or Apps and notifications.
  • Find the Galaxy Wearable app.
  • Tap Storage.
  • Select Clear cache.

Disconnect and Reconnect Galaxy Watch

If you are dealing with connection issues between Galaxy Watch Active 2 and respective phones then unpairing and pairing them seems to be an ideal trick. Follow the steps and remove the Watch from the Bluetooth settings manually.

On Android phone,

  • Touch and hold the Bluetooth button in the notification center.
  • Tap the gear cog next to the Galaxy Watch and Unpair it.

On iPhone,

  • Go to the Settings app > Bluetooth > tap the info button next to the Galaxy Watch > Forget This Device.

To reconnect the Watch to the phone, launch the Galaxy Wearable app, and follow the on-screen instructions to pair or connect the watch right from the Bluetooth settings.

Reset Galaxy Watch & Reinstall Galaxy Wearable App

All of the above tricks didn’t fix the Galaxy Watch Active 2 not connecting to iPhone or Android phone; reset the watch. To add a little twist, why not delete the Galaxy Wearable app and reinstall it? Back up the watch if you can.

  • Go to the Settings app on the Galaxy Watch.
  • Find General.
  • Tap Reset.

Also, delete the Galaxy Wearable app and later install it.

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