How to Spot Fake Samsung Galaxy Buds

How to Spot Fake Samsung Galaxy Buds

Till now, Samsung has launched several editions of Samsung Buds, and every new Galaxy Buds comes with improved sound quality. That being said, counterfeiting in gadgets have increased; nowadays, customer needs to be very cautious while buying or receiving any electronic device. Fake Galaxy Buds Live, or Buds Pro are very commonly available in the market, and if you don’t know how to spot Fake Samsung Galaxy Buds, this article is must read for you.

How to Spot Fake Samsung Galaxy Buds?

Well, it’s very difficult to identify fake Samsung Buds in this world unless you know what to check while buying the Samsung Buds.

Check the Packaging

Packaging plays a vital role in electronic gadgets, especially when it comes to phones, earbuds, watches, and more. Plus, Samsung is very specific with the packaging and never compromises on the box packing, no matter what device you’re buying.

First, you should start by checking the Samsung logo and Product Name. In this case, check the Samsung Galaxy Buds. These things must be written correctly without any alignment issues.

Is Seal Broken or Easily Removable?

Technically, you cannot take out the complete seal without tearing it apart if it is original. But if it is Fake, there are high chance that the pack seal will open without tearing it apart, and can be reused.

Additionally, read the instructions mentioned on the seal, there should not be any spelling or grammatical mistakes. If you can open the seal without tearing it apart, consider it as a duplicate Samsung Buds.

Examine Samsung Buds Case

Out of the box, check the Samsung Buds Charging Case, if you feel the plastic is cheaper, it is Fake. Furthermore, try opening and closing the case multiple times, if you find any squeaks, the probability of Galaxy Buds being Fake is very high.

Try Pairing Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds are designed to detect any nearby Samsung device for quick setup and pairing. When you remove the Galaxy Buds from the charging case, and the Android device is near it, you should see the Galaxy Buds pairing card on the phone. If it doesn’t appear, and especially with Samsung devices, the Galaxy Buds could be fake.

Can fake Galaxy Buds connect to a Wearable App? No, Fake Buds need to be paired by the traditional method, where you will have to open the Bluetooth settings and pair it manually.

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