Are Samsung Galaxy Buds Waterproof? Get Answer

Whether you are willing to gift Samsung Buds or planning to upgrade yourself from wired to wireless segment, it’s vital to know how capable they are of intaking the thing you throw. For instance, wearing Samsung Galaxy Buds while swimming or taking a shower, as early all the Samsung Buds have a different level of water resistance. So if you plan to take water activities, you know everything, including, are samsung galaxy buds waterproof. Let’s understand how waterproof Samsung Galaxy Buds are and what are their water-resistance ratings.

Your Samsung Galaxy Buds Aren’t Waterproof!

None of the Samsung Galaxy Buds are water-proof, but they are water-resistant. This eventually means it can withstand some exposure to water but can’t be completely submerged in water.

Waterproof Vs. Water-Resistant

As I mentioned earlier, none of the Samsung Buds are waterproof. In contrast, water resistance prevents getting water inside for some extent and time. Usually, water resistance is measured in terms of IP, aka ingress protection.

The Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds+, and Buds Live have IPX2, which means they can handle minor sweat and water splashes. And the Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Buds 2, and Buds 2 Pro have IPX7, which means they can be submerged in the water for up to 1 Meter for 30 minutes. Anything above the mentioned limit ultimately damages your expensive Buds. 

However, these water-resistant seals get degrade after a longer duration of usage. And unfortunately, there is no way to re-seal it. So the older the Samsung Buds gets, you need to use them more wisely.  

Are My Samsung Galaxy Buds Water Resistant?

All of the Samsung Galaxy Buds below include water-resistant ratings.

  • Galaxy Buds: IPX2
  • Galaxy Buds+: IPX2
  • Galaxy Buds Live: IPX2
  • Galaxy Buds Pro: IPX7
  • Galaxy Buds 2: IPX7
  • Galaxy Buds 2 Pro: IPX7

What Can I Do With Water-Resistant Samsung Galaxy Buds?

Even though your Samsung Galaxy Buds are water-resistant, you won’t let them get wet. There are chances of water-resistant seals getting corrupted, which eventually enables the water to splash get inside the Buds in the future. Below are some of the activities you must ignore while wearing Galaxy Buds. 

  • Don’t wear Buds while swimming or taking a shower.
  • Don’t wear Buds when raining outside.
  • Don’t wear Buds during water sports.
  • Don’t wash it in the washing machine
  • Ignoring caring while taking sauna or steam in a gym.

What To Do If Your Samsung Galaxy Buds Get Wet

Whether you have IPX2 or IPX7 Samsung Buds, you need carefully dry them whenever they get wet. Ensure to dry them before using or charging so you won’t let case get damaged too. If your Samsung Galaxy Buds are wet, you first need to take a soft dry, or lint-free cloth and gently move it over the Buds surface. 

Further, leave your Samsung Galaxy Buds open for at least 4-5 hours to let them dry. And ignore using them during this period. For speedy recovery, you can place it where there is gentle airflow. However, we suggest not putting it in the rice bag as it’s not practical, instead placing it with Silica Gel in the Airtight box, for instance, lunchbox. 

And if your Samsung Galaxy Buds case gets wet, immediately detach the Buds and move the case upside down with an open lid. 

Conversely, If there is something other than water, such as solvent, lotion, or soda, they can eat the water-resistance seal and further block the speaker grill. And if it’s coffee, it will degrade outer body quality. In all this scenario, take a slightly moist cloth and wipe it immediately. And if it still can’t resolve, read our article on how to clean Samsung Galaxy Buds.  

How To Prevent Water Damage To Your Samsung Galaxy Buds

Unfortunately, if your Samsung Buds Wet is not covered under a guarantee, it’s not cheaper to fix it. Thus, it is rightly said prevention is better than a cure. Here are the points to be considered.

  • Never place the Samsung Galaxy Buds on a wet surface.
  • Don’t wear them during heavy rain; keep them away from the bottle filled with water or any other liquid. 
  • Always remember to remove it from the pocket.
  • Always insert the Buds in a when not in use.
  • Never wear it while swimming or taking a shower.
  • Use a Waterproof Case to prevent water damage. 

That’s It!

Final Thought!

Hopefully, your question is Samsung Galaxy Buds waterproof? might now have been cleared. And if you have any queries, feel free to drop them in the below comment box. We will respond as soon as possible. 

Are Samsung Galaxy Buds Water Damage Covered Under Warranty?

No, water damage isn’t covered under the limited warranty Samsung Official offers. 

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