How to Set Signal as Default Messaging App on Samsung

In recent years, the signal is emerged as the best alternatives to WhatsApp, because WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy results in outrage on the internet. Many people have the intention to let out WhatsApp and switch to signal. Looking at the features of the signal, it is an encrypted app that allows making calls and messages through the internet securely, plus, it offers video calls too.

If you want to use signal, due to its advanced features and security, you are not the only one. And seeing the graph of a user, the user of the signal app is increasing day-by-day. As it is available for both iOS and Android, as complementary it’s also available in the desktop version. But the thing that trigger’s the user is how to make a signal as a default SMS app. Well, in this article we will clear your doubt to make the signal as a default SMS app.

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How to Make Signal My Default Messaging App on Samsung

If you are willing to make the Signal app, just simply follow the given below steps.

  • From the Main Screen, swipe up to access App Tray.
  • After that, hit the Three-Dots located in the right-top corner of the application.
  • In Drop-Down Menu, go to Settings.
  • Hit on MMS And SMS.
  • Select SMS Disabled after that the pop-message will be visible asking if you want to make Signal your default SMS app.
  • Hit Signal>Set As Default.

In Settings, you can turn ON the features like Wi-Fi compatibility feature and SMS delivery report.

Why Should I use Signal?

The first goal of the signal is to offer a platform where you can share the text without worrying about text leakage. You can consider signal as the best alternative as there is a privacy policy issue on WhatsApp. Considering these, the signal is offered much more privacy.

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