How to Set Galaxy Watch 5 Faces in Galaxy Watch 4?

How to Set Galaxy Watch 5 Faces in Galaxy Watch 4

Whether you’re going for a Business Meeting, Planning a Vacation, or on a Workout, you can take your Samsung Watch anywhere, by just changing the Watch Face accordant to the occasion. With the launch of the New Galaxy Watch, Samsung reveals new Watch Faces that impel people to buy the new Galaxy Watch. However, if you’re tight with budgets, and don’t have enough money to spend on Galaxy Watch 5 just to try modern Watch Faces.

Yes, you can install Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 on your old Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, time to experience the aesthetics of Galaxy Watch 5 in your Galaxy Watch 4. Let’s begin with the stepwise tutorial and get the job done.

How to Download Galaxy Watch 5 Faces?

What’s New in Samsung Watch 5?

Like always, with the new Galaxy Watch, Samsung has introduced five revamped Watch Faces with Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Models. If you’re not aware, I’d like to tell you that there are two Analog Watch Faces and two Digital Watch Faces that perfectly work with Galaxy Watch 4 Models. One of the Analog Watch faces is about a battery graph, real-time weather and workout details, while the other one is just a floral design with no information on the screen.

The other two Digital Watch Faces is all about showing the details like extensive weather information, workout metrics, day, and time; while the other Digital Face is focused only on time, and workout. As mentioned, one of the Galaxy Watch 5 Faces doesn’t work with Galaxy Watch 4 which is HealthMonitor due to a change in hardware. But keep reading the tutorial, at least you can get fun of the four latest Watch Faces without spending a single buck.

One of the XDA Forum Members, niff2005, has uploaded the Galaxy Watch Faces on XDA, which can be directly downloaded in your system, in one click. Once you download the Galaxy Watch 5 Faces, we’ll just sideload them into Galaxy Watch 4 and proceed with the installation.

Continue reading and you’ll get to know how to install Galaxy Watch 5 Faces in Galaxy Watch 4 fortunately, this is a one-time process, no need to follow this for every single Watch Face.

Let’s start.

Step 1: Download Samsung Watch 5 Faces in PC

  • Visit the Samsung Watch 5 Face Link and download the Watch Faces in your computer.
  • Extract the ZIP File in your computer.
  • There should be five APK files of different Watch Faces. However, the HealthModular Watch Face won’t work with Samsung Watch 4, therefore, ignore that file and continue with other four Watch Faces and you can delete the HealthModular Watch Face right away.

Step 2: Download ADB on PC and Setup ADB on Watch

  • Download the ADB as per your device.
  • Up next, extract the ZIP file anywhere in your PC. In Windows PC, press and hold Shift Key and right-click on extracted file.
  • Choose “Open command window here”.
  • In Mac/Linux; launch Terminal > type cd and press Enter key to change directory.
  • Drag and drop the extracted file into the Terminal app, this will update the path in Terminal app.
  • Press Enter.
  • Now, enable ADB Debugging mode on Samsung Watch, go to the Settings app in your Galaxy Watch.
  • Swipe down to System.
  • Tap About.
  • Look for Build Number and tap on it 7 times. Doing this will unlock the Developer Options.
  • The Developers Options should appear at the end of screen in Settings app.
  • Tap on Developer Options.
  • Toggle On ADB Debugging.
  • Next, turn on Debug over Wi-Fi.
  • At first instance, the Debug over Wi-Fi will show Unavailable, but after few seconds, you should see IP Address, note it down.

Step 3: Install APK in Galaxy Watch

  • Go to Terminal Window on the PC that you opened earlier.
Enter: ./adb connect <IP Address of Watch>
  • The final command should look like,
 ./adb connect
  • In your Galaxy Watch, a pop-up should come, Allow Debugging? Tap OK.
  • In terminal window will display that you’re now connected to the watch.
Input the following command: ./adb push <filename.apk> /sdcard/
  • This will transfer the APKs to Galaxy Watch.
  • Once the file is pushed to Watch, the terminal will confirm.
  • The final command that will install the APK in Watch.
./adb -e install <filename.apk>
  • Terminal will show a success message upon the app is installed.

Step 4: Disable ADB Debugging

  • Go to the Settings app in Watch.
  • Swipe down to ADB Debugging.
  • Turn Off ADB Debugging to save battery.

Step 5: Setup Galaxy Watch 5 Faces in Galaxy Watch 4

  • Navigate to the Galaxy Wearable app in the Samsung phone to which Galaxy Watch 4 is paired and connected.
  • Tap Watch Faces option.
  • In the most recent files, the new Watch Faces will appear.
  • Now, tap on Watch Face to install.

How to Change and Customize Watch Face in Galaxy Watch 4

It takes two seconds to change the Watch Face in your Galaxy Watch. With just a swipe of finger, you can switch between multiple Watch Faces right away.

  • Touch and hold currently set Watch Face.
  • Swipe right to left to explore available Watch Faces.
  • Tap on the Watch Face if you want to use as it is, without Customising it. Else tap Customise.
  • You can choose between different Colors, Clock Type, Complication Type, and more; keep note that these options vary from the watch face to watch face.
  • If you’re done with Customising, use the Back button to save and exit.


How do I get more watch faces on my Samsung Watch 4?

There are tons of Watch Faces available to download from Galaxy Store/Google Play. Search for Watch Face on the store and get your favorites installed on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

How many Watch Faces does Galaxy Watch 4 have?

Well, there’s no limit to having the Watch Faces on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, as it is available in Galaxy Store/Google Play to download for everyone. But keep note that downloading the Watch Faces will eat up storage.

Galaxy Watch 5 Faces Download?

You can download Samsung Watch 5 Faces from a given link in this article. One out of four Watch Faces doesn’t work with Samsung Watch 4, but you can use the remaining 4 to get change.

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