How to Reset Forgotten Password on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Reset Forgotten password on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

I guess Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is giving unexpectedly great performance and you are enjoying the greatest features of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. The Galaxy Note 10+ consists of various locking options such as PIN, Pattern, Fingerprint, etc. But no one can beat the PIN or Password security on an Android phone. What to do, when you forgot the Samsung Note 10+ password? The only solution is to restore the Note 10+ to factory settings.

Restoring the phone could easily reset the forgotten password with no investment. You may find various tools on the web that would help you reset the password on Note 10+. With no cost, you’ll have to compromise the data, because you won’t be able to take backup. If the phone doesn’t have any important data or you don’t want to spend money, then follow the below steps.

Fix Reset Forgotten Password on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

  • Turn off the phone by pressing and holding the Power button.
  • Now, press and hold the Volume Up button + Bixby Button + Power button concurrently.
  • When the Android logo displays on the screen, leave all the keys.
  • It may take a minute to bring all the options on the screen.
  • From the given options, navigate to the Wipe Data/Factory Reset using Volume Down key.
  • To make a selection of Wipe Data/Factory Reset, press Power button.
  • Just wait for a while, till the process gets finished.
  • Once the Factory reset is completed, lastly you will have to choose Reboot System Now.
  • So highlight the Reboot System Now and press the Power key.

Sit back, while the phone reboots. Once the phone restarts follow the on-screen instructions and set up the device just like the new one.

Another way to reset forgotten password on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is to remotely factory reset the device. However, it can only be done, if you have set up Find My phone on Note 10+.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ using Find my phone

  • Go to Find my phone on your PC.
  • Click Erase Data.
  • Then choose the Factory data reset.
  • Type the Samsung account password to confirm identity.
  • Click OK.

If the phone is online, then within no time the device will be remotely restored to factory settings.

Finishing Up!

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