How to Fix Wi-Fi Issues on Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Wi-Fi Issues on Samsung S21 FE

In the world of wireless connections should live happily in the harmony with the Samsung devices. Your smart gadget automatically encounters the known wifi network and lets out a similar wifi network if you are out of range. To be honest, if those wifi network doesn’t work perfectly in your Samsung S21 FE, then it might limit your daily task and doesn’t allow you to enjoy your day on social platforms.  

Recently, most of the Samsung S21 FE users have shouted that the wifi network is not working, wifi keeps disconnecting, and wifi speed is slow. Well, it might be software related issue and can be fixed by performing some of the troubleshooting steps. If you are receiving the same problem on your Samsung S21 FE then continue reading the article and perform those below-mentioned workarounds.

Fix Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting on Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Force Reboot

Doing so will help refresh the memory, services, applications, and Wi-Fi also. To do so simply press the Volume Low and Power keys together for minimum 20 seconds and wait until the device turns on.

Samsung Keeps Losing Wi-Fi? Restart Router

Another possibility for the Wi-Fi issue on Samsung S21 FE is a corrupted Router. However, a simple Restart Router is an effective solution to fix the issue.  To do, unplug the Router from the main power source and hold for a few minutes. Up next, plug it to the Power Source, and then try connecting it.

Internet Connectivity Is Slow

There are chances where the wifi is working perfectly, but the speed you are receiving is low or not working perfectly. So suggest to go to internet speed checker and see if the planned you have subscribed is offering the same speed you have asked for. If the speed is great, then move forward to the next step. And if not so! Simply contact the internet service provider and file a complaint regarding the speed.

Disable Bluetooth

In rare case, enabling Bluetooth on the Samsung phone can cause S21 FE 5G wifi connection issue. That’s because you might have connected to the Wi-Fi above 2.4GHz band. So nothing more, Disable Bluetooth And Check For Issue!

Toggle Off/On Airplane Mode

Another basic workaround to fix wifi not working on Samsung S21 FE is simply turning off and on Airplane mode. Because doing will refresh the service feature of the device. So simply move your finger on the screen’s top and scroll down to turn on the Airplane mode. Wait for some time and simply re-disable it.

Disable Power Saving Mode

Well, the power-saving mode enhances the battery life of the device, but the only drawback is it reduces the performance of a bunch of applications. Such as you will no longer be able to encounter notifications from apps and emails. It gets automatically disabled when you turn on the Wi-Fi. So we recommend that power saving is disabled on your Samsung S21 FE.

Forget Wi-Fi Network

Forgetting the Wi-Fi network is an effective and efficient workaround. It one to try to solve the wifi not working on Samsung S21 FE. To do simply follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Hit Connections > Wi-Fi.
  • Ensure the Wi-Fi is enabled.
  • Keep holding on the wifi name and hit Forget Network. After doing so, re-add the Wi-Fi network once again by hitting on the same name and re-writing the password.

Wi-Fi Authentication Error 

Wi-Fi Authentication Error seems to be a never-ending dilemma. First thing first, you must check the password. And in case, if it’s wrongly entered, you surely come across the issue. 

  1. Head to Settings > Wi-Fi.
  2. Choose Advanced Settings > IP Settings.
  3. From there, customize IP from DHCP to Static and rewrite the IP address. That’s all the issue will get fix. 

Reset Network Settings

An unwanted network setting might be the culprit. Because sometimes the unwanted settings can decrease the performance of the device due to some limitations. And those settings are unknowing. So the simply reset network settings and see if the wifi not working on Samsung S21 FE is fixed or not.

Update the Software

Verify if the device having the latest version of software. If there is not so, immediately update the device with an new software because it effectively fixes all the minor bugs present in the device. So suggest heading towards settings and seeing for the software updates.

Try In Safe Mode

If still able to fix the wifi not working issue, maybe that is due to the varieties of third-party applications creating a problem. This happens due to some of the third-party applications are not so well coded which ultimately results into various in device issues. And those are not easy to encounter. But thankfully enabling the device with a safe disallow to run all third-party applications means you can run only the pre-installed application. And if in this mode wifi works perfectly then definitely the issue lies within third-party applications. So we suggest enabling the safe mode on the Samsung S21 FE, if the wifi works perfectly then simply uninstall the third-party application one by one and verify the issue.

Clear Cache Partition

A corrupted cache can such serious issues within the device. And that might be only fixed by clearing the cache partition on Samsung S21 FE. To do so, simply follow the given below steps.

  • Switch Off the device.
  • Press the Volume + Power Buttons together and wait until the device features the Android symbol.
  • Hold for a few seconds until the device screen turns out black and features Android recovery mode on the top of the screen.
  • Feature the Wipe Cache Partition with the help of Volume Keys and choose it by holding the Power Key.
  • With help of Volume Keys navigate to Reboot System Now.
  • Confirm it by pressing the Power Key.

Factory Reset

Lastly, even after performing those effective workarounds still the wifi not working on Samsung not solve. Simply factory reset the device by heading towards Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset > Delete All.

Wrapping Up!

If you have performed all the software-related workarounds and still can’t able to connect to a wifi network, then your Samsung S21 FE might have encountered a hardware problem. Contact Samsung Support for further assistance.

Does The S21 FE Have Wi-Fi 6?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is compatible with mmWave and Sub-6 Connectivity, at the same point, compatible with Wi-Fi 6.

Why Is My Samsung Not Showing Wi-Fi Networks?

If there is no Wi-Fi network visible on the Samsung Phone, there are certain possibilities behind it. However, to fix the issue you must try following our guide on Wi-Fi on Samsung S21 FE not working.

Does The S21 FE Have Wi-Fi Calling?

When connected to Wi-Fi, the Samsung S21 FE allows to make and receive the calls over it. But in this situation, the feature need to enable first; head to Settings, choose Connections and hit Wi-Fi Calling. And lastly, enable toggle of Wi-Fi Calling, that’s it!

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