How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus keeps losing Signal

fix samsung s10 plus keeps losing signal

Samsung S10 Plus keeps losing signal is a recent issue that was reported by many Galaxy S10 users. When there is involvement of wireless network connection, then all things matter is signal. There are many issues registered by users Samsung Galaxy S10 but most of the users reported that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus keeps losing signal. Due to which unwanted distill calls or re-send text message issue takes places. But as long as the device doesn’t contain any sign of damage caused physically. This issue could be due to a software or network problem.

In this article, I will give some suggestions that will prevent and resolve Samsung S10 Plus not connecting to the network. I will take you to all the possible procedures. So continue reading the article to get rid of S10 keeps dropping calls.

The Signal we are discussing is a device signal. Through which you can call and text and send it to the desired number.

Fix Samsung S10 Plus Keeps losing Signal

Trick 1: Verify you are in an Area that has Good Coverage

First of all, verify that the other devices are not phasing the same problem in the area you are present. If it happens to all other devices than there is no issue in Samsung Galaxy S10 Pus. So for this, you have to go to an area where there is an accurate network. But if there is a proper network in other devices than the issue is with Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. The issue is from the day you buy it. Without any doubt, the problem is in the Samsung Galaxy S10. So there is no need to perform any procedures to solve it. Take Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to the Samsung Store and replace it because it confirms that the problem is related to manufacturing defect or hardware. Better But your device has response prior to this issue. Then carry on to read the next trick.

Trick 2: Force Reboot

We don’t know the reason why the issue keeps happening. As it may be due to a petty bug in the system that why signal losing continuously. So the first procedure to perform is Force reboot in Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. By performing a force reboot, it refreshes device memory and services.

  • Hold down the Volume Low Down Button and the Power Key until the symbol appears on the screen.

After the completion of Force reboot verify the device is working as usual. If the issue is fixed, then it was just a petty bug in the system but there is no assurance it won’t rise again. But if your Galaxy S10 Plus keeps dropping signal, then follow the next trick.

Trick 3: Reset Network Settings

Seemingly, we are tackling network problem on S10, there is a probability that is just due to some change in default network settings. So we cannot point out that the problem is related to the device network. To confirm it, perform the basic procedure such as Reset Network Settings on Samsung S10 Plus.

  • From Initial Screen, scroll up on the blank spot to open App Menu.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit General Management.
  • Select Reset.
  • Tap Reset Network Settings.
  • Enter it, if the PIN is set by you.

After the completion of the procedure, Wi-Fi Bluetooth, Background Sync settings and other system settings will set to default. Still, the losing signal issue is not fixed then follow the next trick.

Trick 4: Wipe Cache Partition

If your device still keeps losing signal then you need to clear the system cache. By doing this it will recover with a new one. Occasionally, the system cache gets damaged due to which many problems may take place such as Signal problem on Samsung S10 Plus. To prevent your device from such a problem follow the given below steps.

  • Switch off the phone.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up High Key, Bixby Key, and the Power Button.
  • When the symbol of Android appears, free all the Buttons.
  • Hold down the Volume Low Down Button to feature ‘Wipe Cache Partition.
  • Hold down the Power button to select.
  • Press the Volume Low Down Key to feature YES. Select it with the help of the Power Key.
  • Now ‘Reboot System Now’ is featured.
  • Hold down the Power Button to restart the phone.

It will take more time to restart after the wipe cache partition process because it recovers with new cache for functions and services.

Trick 5: Reset your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Last but not least, you need to perform Master Reset on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to prevent it from minor firmware issue. By performing it may fix losing signal on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Note: You need to back-up all the important as it vanishes the data from the device. You may copy data in the external memory card or PC.

  • Switch off the device.
  • Hold down the Volume Up High Key, Bixby Button, and the Power Button.
  • And the green color Android Symbol will appear at that time release all Keys.
  • Hold down the Volume Low Key to feature ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’.
  • Press the Power Key to select the options.
  • Hold down the Volume Low Key to feature “Yes-Delete All User Data”.
  • Hold down the Power Button to select.
  • After the completion of Master Reset ‘Reboot System Now’ is featured.
  • Hold down the Power Button to recover the phone.

After the completion of Master Reset, setup your device properly. If still losing the network is not fixed take it to the service center.

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