Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Won’t turn on after getting Wet

s10 won't turn on after getting wet

Samsung S10 won’t turn on after getting wet, is commonly faced the issue by Samsung users. As a water-resistance phone, the Samsung Galaxy should be protected from getting wet by liquid particles. If wet, all the owners of Galaxy S10 need to dry the device and run it as normal. However, there had been the case that Samsung S10 switching off automatically due to wet.

The wet error prevents the issue in charging port of the Samsung Galaxy S10. If such a thing takes place then fix by the following guide.

One of the S10 users did try to use the phone underwater and encounter that S10 keeps shutting down after getting wet. Read the experience of S10 user. I was floating in water with my Samsung Galaxy S10 and it was running well, I capture a few images and videos. After I went outside from the swimming pool & sleep down on the bed to get some sunlight for tan. I kept my device on the table beside me at that time the temperature was 35-40 degrees. Nearly after 5 minutes, Samsung Galaxy switched off automatically and it didn’t turn on again. I realize the phone gets very hot so I try to cool it but still not running till this issue take place 4 hours ago and I don’t know what is the reason behind the problem.

Fix S10 Keeps won’t turn on after getting wet in the water

Tip 1: Put the Wet Phone in Rice Container

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S10 has an IP68 rating making it waterproof and dustproof, it doesn’t mean you should thoroughly take the phone into the pool. After having IP rating this much high still, water can pass through the device. This problem takes place after you swimming in the swimming pool. The best way to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 that shut down after getting wet is to place it in the container of the rice for at least 45 hours. The rice will ingest any moisture in the inner part of the device. After the completion of the process try to switch on your Samsung Galaxy S10 by pressing the Power Key and Volume Low Down Key for at least 15 seconds.

Tip 2: Charge the S10

If the Samsung S10 won’t turn on after getting wet, then make sure the phone has sufficient charge. Besides, blow some air with your mouth to clean the charging port. Other than that, remove the SD card if any installed. Now, put the device in to charge for at least 30 minutes, sometimes the S10 takes this much time to boot up. If it didn’t wake up then try the below suggestions,

  • Borrow another Charging Cable and Adapter and use it to charge the device.
  • Try to charge the device on another socket.
  • If you have a wireless charger then use it to charge the S10.

These are the basic solutions to fix Galaxy S10 won’t turn on after getting wet. Till now, the S10 should start and work normally and if it didn’t then you should contact Samsung Support as early as possible.


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