Fix Samsung S10 only works when Connected to Charger

fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Only works When Connected To Charger.

Charging problem is the most common problem of the Samsung Galaxy S10. The wired charger is generally the one that may occur the problem between them and it is due to the process relying upon the various factor. But whatever the reason behind this is you should not experience this kind of issue.

Problem:- Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 and I have an issue regarding the battery but I’m not sure about it. It begins when my device hangs while changing the wallpaper and wouldn’t switch off. I did not know how to force shutdown the device so left it as it is. It was getting hot only because it doesn’t turn off.

After all, I can able to use my device only when it is connected to the charger. It will restart when off the charger but it will be switched off as soon as it gets to the home screen. It will quickly be switched off as soon as I disconnect the charger. Occasionally when I attempt to restart it without the charger, the LED light will remain on even though the device is switched off. To turn off the LED I need to turn it ON while charging or to reboot device a few times.

The solution is, before operating any troubleshooting method on a device to verify that your device is running on the current software version. The best way to start in this problem is to delete the possibility of the issue being caused by a software bug. If the Samsung S10 won’t turn on after software update then check the link.

Why Does My Samsung S10 Only When It’s Charging?

Tip 1: Soft-Reset

It is used to refresh the device software. This method is used to solve the small software bugs which could cause the problem on the device.

  1. Press and hold the Volume Low Button.
  2. Press and hold the Power Button while pressing the Volume Low Button.
  3. Keep pressing both the buttons for 10-15 seconds.

Once the device restart verify if the problem still produces.

Tip 2: Check if the problem occurs in Safe Mode

During the downloading process of the app, it causes the problem on the device. To verify if your device gets issue due to the downloading of app you will need to start the device in Safe Mode. Because in Safe Mode pre-installed apps are allowed to run.

  1. Switch off the device.
  2. Press and hold the Power Button until the model name passes away from the screen.
  3. When SAMSUNG featured on the screen, free the Power Button.
  4. Instantly press and hold the Volume Low Button.
  5. Carry on to press the Volume Low Button until the restarting process completes.
  6. When Safe Mode features in the bottom of the left corner of the display, free the Volume Low Button.

If there is any problem in this method then it confirms that it is due to the app you installed.

Tip 3: Wipe the Cache Partition of the device.

The Cached data saved in the dedicated partition of the device can be deprived. Due to which it occurs a problem in the device. To eliminate this kind of the problem you need to clear cache partition of the devices. To perform it follow the given below steps.

  1. Switch Off the device.
  2. Hold down the Volume Low Button and the Bixby Button, then press the Power Button.
  3. When the Android Symbol appears, free all the Buttons.
  4. An “Installing System Update” will display for 50-60 seconds.
  5. Hold down the Volume Low Button for numbers of times to feature ‘Wipe Cache Partition”.
  6. Press the Power Button to select a given option.
  7. Hold down the Volume Low Button until it features
  8. When the Wipe Cache Partition is complete, Reboot system now featured.
  9. Press the Power Button to boot up the Phone.

Verify if the Problem still occurs. Is still issue occurs then replace the battery.

Tip 4: Perform a Factory Reset

If the above steps fail to solve the issue then you need to perform a factory reset.

  1. Switch Off the device.
  2. Press the Volume High Button and the Bixby Button.
  3. After that Press the Power Button.
  4. When the symbol of the android appears free all the Key.
  5. By holding the Volume Low Button for several times, “Wipe Data/ Factory Reset” is a feature.
  6. Press the Power Key to select.
  7. Hold on the Volume Low Button to feature ‘YES Delete All User Data’.
  8. Hold down Power Key to select and begin the Master Reset.
  9. After the completion of Master Reset, “Reboot System Now” is featured.
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