Samsung Galaxy S10 Won’t Turn On after Software Update

Samsung S10 won't turn on after update

A newly launched device like Samsung Galaxy S10 Should run without any hindrance but once the problem arises it leads your device to become unresponsive. Among all the problems most commonly noted an issue with a device like Samsung Galaxy S10 is it doesn’t boot up or turn on.

Usually, if you found your new Samsung Galaxy S10 doesn’t turn on and won’t run the task whatever you want to run, it is feasible that the firmware has a crunch. When No need to panic this issue can be easily solved. In this article, I will share the solution related to this issue. So, if you have the same problem and S10 is won’t turn on after Software Update then go through the troubleshoots and fix it.

Fix Samsung S10 Won’t Turn On

Solution 1: Force Restart S10

The first task you need to perform is to force your device to restart

  1. Press and hold the Power Key and Volume Low Key at the concurrent time till for ten seconds till your device switched on.

This method is called as Forced Restart and it is very persuasive in dealing with the firmware hitch and system crashes that make a device unresponsive. If you are well-known with the battery pull process we usually do to the device with portable batteries, it can be only performed with the device which has non-removable batteries. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is hard-wired to execute or to resemble battery disconnect provided the combination is done accurately. Do it a couple more time if it doesn’t respond the first time when you tried it still it doesn’t respond then follow the given below steps.

  1. Press and hold the Volume Low Button and don’t release it.
  2. At the same period of time press and hold the Power Button.
  3. keep holding both the buttons for 10 seconds.

It is similar to the first procedure given above only we are making assure that you are pressing the Volume Low Button before pressing and holding the Power Button if you are not doing this it won’t simulate battery disconnect. If the device still not responding then perform given below procedure.

Solution 2: Charge Phone

At this point of time, we want to make out if the device answers the charger if it answers, then permit the device to charge for minutes and attempt to turn it ON. Yet, if it goes through crashed it won’t respond to the charger when it is connected to a device. We need to give your device a reliable power supply and then perform to simulate battery disconnect.

  1. Plug a charger to the charging plug.
  2. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S10 using an original USB cable.
  3. Charge your device for a few seconds.
  4. After the device charge up, press and hold the Volume Low Button and Power Button until it turns on.

Solution 3: Put the device in Recovery Mode

If the device still doesn’t turn on then try to perform Recovery Mode. In recovery mode, it doesn’t turn on than issue is related to hardware or firmware.

  1. Press and hold the Bixby Button and Volume Up Button.
  2. Then Press and hold the Power Button.
  3. When the Android symbol appears free all the buttons.
  4. Before the Android system recovery option appears, “Installing System Update” text will appear for 40-80 seconds.

Solution 4: Master Reset device

The tutorial to fix Samsung S10 won’t turn on after software update end with Master Reset. Sadly, there is no way for you to take a backup of Samsung S10, so just reset the device. As the phone is off, try to follow the steps, it may work or may not.

  1. Hold the Bixby button, Power button and Volume Up button altogether.
  2. Release all the keys when the Android logo appears on the screen.
  3. Use Volume keys to navigate to the Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  4. Press the Power button to select Factory Reset option.
  5. Again go to Yes-delete all user data and press Power button.
  6. Reboot System Now, and press Power button to reboot the phone.

If the device boots up or not, you should bring back to the Samsung store because it obviously has a problem. It is sure you don’t want to face this kind of issue from the day you bought so you must have to replace it. But if your device boots up in recovery mode, I convey you to perform the master reset to clear all your private information from your device.

There only a few procedures to bring back your device to a stable state. If still, it remains unsolved then you should bring back to the Samsung service center. According to me, all the brand new device should work perfectly without any issue, but that’s not the case, it should be the seller and the manufacture of the device need to address the issue related to a device and not the user of the device

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