How To Enable/Disable Sleep Tracking On Apple Watch 8(Ultra)

Some nights, you wake up refreshed. Other, it feels like you barely have good sleep. What separates good sleep from worst isn’t always considered, but enabling sleep tracking on Apple Watch can offer valuable insights. Because it accurately monitors your Sleep Patterns for a magnifying picture of how much quality sleep you have. 

Similarly, if you already have a better sleeping pattern, then there is no means to keep the feature enabled. As of now, turning on unwanted features can result in an Apple Watch Battery Draining Issue. That’s the reason we have curated the steps of both how to enable or disable sleep tracking on the Apple Watch. At last, we will show the different sleep tracking settings like Change Or Add Sleep Schedule, Change Sleep Options, View Your Recent Sleep History, etc.  

How To Use And Turn Off Sleep Tracking On Apple Watch

The sleep tracking feature on the Apple Watch is always an admirable feature. At the same point, having the latest Apple Watch and not knowing how to Enable/Disable Sleep Tracking is one of the frustrating situations. So let’s crack the deal by following this article, but before that let’s understand what a data Sleep Tracking Monitor is.

What Data Does Sleep Tracking Monitor?

It’s yet not confirmed what data its analysis is. In simple words, Apple has shown it’s craved machine learning technology to monitor the sleep when Apple Watch in the wrist.

Furthermore, it also tracks micromovement, such as fall and rise of the breath, to appraise the quality of sleep. The aim is to promote a better quality of sleep rather than offering data insights. So just like the older watchOS, the latest watchOS introduces a mechanism that creates a graph of total breath intake per minute. 

Setup Sleep On Apple Watch 

Want to set up Sleep Tracking on your Apple Watch, but don’t know how to, follow the given below steps.

  1. On the Apple Watch, access Sleep and configure your initial schedule. You can select to monitor Sleep Every Day or only Specific Days Of The Week.
  2. Next, you can configure Wakeup Time and select Set An Alarm or No Alarm.
  3. At the same point, configure Bedtime and hit Next to finalize.
  4. You can perform the same procedure to configure other Sleep Schedules as per requirement.
  5. When turned on, Sleep Tracking Feature will automatically enable Do Not Disturb right before you go to the bed and help you get a relaxed frame with Wind Down.

What’s the wind-down mode? Most of them get stuck within this loop. Well wind down, is a feature that is designed to decrease the distraction to help you go the bed at a considerable time. How it does? It does this by creating and maintaining a customized and personalized evening routine such as using music, meditation, etc. 

To Disable the Sleep Tracking Feature: Navigate to the Watch App > Sleep. Then after scrolling down and selecting Don’t Use This Watch For Sleep > Turn Off.  That’s It!

Adjust Your Wind Down And Sleep Goal

For more conviction, you can adjust the sleep goal as needed on your Apple Watch or iPhone. If you have hitherto Wind Down shortcut, they are now visible below sleep focus.

On Your Apple Watch

  1. Open the Sleep App and select Full Schedule.
  2. Select Wind Down or Sleep Goal below Options.
  3. Hit the Plus and Minus Buttons to customize your time.
  4. Select Left Arrow located in the upper left to navigate back and then save your changes 

On Your iPhone

  1. Go to Health App, and select Browse located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Choose Sleep
  3. If have saved Sleep in your favorite list, you can access it from the summary page in the Health App. 
  4. Select Full Schedule & Options.
  5. Hit Sleep Goal or Wind Down below Additional Details.
  6. Change your time then select Sleep Goal or Wind Down to save changes. 

That’s It!

Track Your Sleep With Apple Watch  

Along with a Sleep App on your Apple Watch, you can configure the Bedtime Schedule to make you help to reach your Sleep Goals. What you need to do is simply wear your Apple Watch, that’s It! It will efficiently estimate the time you spent in every sleep stage- Core, RAM, and Deep, at the same point, how many times you woke up. 

When you wake up, navigate to the Sleep App to get insights of how much time did you spent on bed, as well as, receive sleep trends for the past 14 Days. 

Keep in mind, your watch must have at least 30 percent charging. Just wake up in the morning, and on the single window receive the glance of your sleep.

With this feature, you can create Multiple Scehule-for examples, one for weekdays. For each schedule, you configure the following:

  • A Sleep Goal.
  • Time You Go To Bed And Wake Up.
  • An Alarm Sound To Wake You Up.
  • When to enable Sleep Focus, which decreases the distraction before you go to sleep and safeguards your sleep.

Change Or Turn Off Next Wake-Up Alarm

To change the wake-up alarm on your Apple Watch, you can follow the given below steps.

  1. Access the Sleep App on the Apple Watch.
  2. Select the current bedtime.
  3. To configure a new Wake-Time, choose the Wake-Up Time, and rotate the Digital Crown to set up a new time. 
  4. Tap. If you didn’t need an alarm to wake up in the morning, you turn off the Alarm.


You can navigate to the Health App on the iPhone, and select Browser. Select Sleep > Edit below Your Schedule to modify your schedule. 

Change Or Add A Sleep Schedule

If you want to change or add a sleep schedule on the latest Apple Watch or an older one, go through the guide below. 

  1. Go to the Sleep App, on your Apple Watch.
  2. Choose Full Schedule, then follow the given below:
  • Add A Sleep Schedule: Hit Add Schedule.
  • Change A Sleep Schedule: Select Current Schedule.
  • Change Sleep Goal: Select Sleep Goal, then configure the amount of time you desired.
  • Change Wind Down Time: Hit Wind Down, then, choose the amount of time you need the Sleep Focus to spirit before bedtime.
  1. Then follow the below:
  • Set The Days For Your Schedule: hit your schedule, then select Active On. Pick out days, then tap <. 
  • Adjust YOur Wake Time And Bedtime: Hit Schedule > Wake Up or Bedtime, scroll the Digital Crown to configure a new time, then select.
  • Set Alarm Options: Choose Schedule, the turn Alarm Off or ON, and hit Sound & Haptics to select Alarm Sound. 
  • Remove Or Cancel A Sleep Schedule: Pickup the Schedule > Delete Schedule to clear out a current schedule. Or hit Cancel.


That’s It, folks! This is the complete guide on how to enable and disable the Sleep Tracking feature on any Apple Watch App. 

tracking. To fix this issue, you can fix it by clicking on this link.

Why Is My Apple Watch Not Tracking Sleep?

The Apple Watch not tracking sleep can be due to certain reasons and one of them is Apple Watch is not accurately configured to use sleep

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