Fix Sleep Tracking Not Working on Apple Watch 8 (Ultra)

Fix Sleep Tracking Not Working on Apple Watch 8 (Ultra)

Apple is familiar with how important health factors are in today’s busy schedule; at the same point, they also know that you do not know how to check your sleep cycle or keep the track of your sleep scientifically. Therefore to carry the legacy, the newly released Apple Watch 8 and Watch 8 Ultra also have the Sleep Tracking Feature. 

But does Sleep not track properly or not work on Apple Watch 8 or Watch 8 Ultra for anyone else? As of now, it is the most common issue most users are currently facing. Why Apple Watch not tracking my sleep anymore? Can be quite confusing at this point, because there are certain culprits. So considering it software related bug we have curated the list of best ways to fix sleep tracking not working on the Apple Watch.

7 Best Ways To Fix Sleep Tracking Not Working On Apple Watch 8 And Apple Watch 8 Ultra

Follow this troubleshooting guide to fix Apple Watch not tracking sleep or sleep stages. 

Force Restart Apple Watch

The basic troubleshooter is always effective enough to fix serious issues with the Watch caused by minor bugs. That’s what we can consider with Apple Watch 8 or Apple Watch 8 Ultra deep sleep not tracking issue, try force restarting the watch. 

To Force Restart Apple Watch, keep pressing the Side Button and Digital Crown for a few seconds, then let out both buttons when you encounter the Apple Logo. That’s It!

Disable DND In Control Center On Your Apple Watch And Use A Sleep Focus

For many old Apple Watch owners doing such a task worked great, and eventually helped from missing out on Sleep Metrics. Considering it important reason behind Apple Watch 8 not tracking sleep; you must disable the feature from the control center of your Apple Watch.

Ensure Apple Watch Is Set As The Data Source On Health App 

Not settings up the Apple Watch as a data source on a health app can be a reason for the new Apple Watch not tracking activity or sleep. To verify you have configured the accurate devices for such activity follow the given below steps.

  1. Navigate to the Health App on your iPhone.
  2. Swipe down and choose Sleep.
  3. Search and tap on “Data Sources & Access”.
  4. Select Edit and configure Apple Watch as the main data source.
  5. Tap Done.

Ensure Sleep Tracking On Your Apple Watch Is Enabled

Whenever you are willing to track your sleep routine using Apple Watch; the watch must have enabled Sleep Tracking feature. If that’s not so, nothing big to worry about; but eventually you will not be able to enroll in the graph of sleep patterns and cycles. 

  1. Navigate to Settings, swipe down, and select Sleep.
  2. Turn on Sleep Tracking.

Disable Track Time In Bed With iPhone

Your latest iPhone tracks your sleep pattern by watching out for how frequently you use your phone at night. However, the data isn’t reliable and can lack any representation of your sleep cycle. At the same point, you need to ensure that Health Application isn’t configured iPhone as the default peripheral.

  1. Go to Health App on iPhone and swipe down to and select Sleep.
  2. Choose Full Schedule And Options.
  3. Search and disable Track Time In Bed With iPhone.
  4. On the same page, swipe down and choose Manage Sleep In The Apple Watch App.
  5. Enable toggle next to the Track Sleep With Apple Watch.

Make Sure Wrist Detection Is Enabled

The latest Apple Watch includes various sensors to detect whether you are wearing the watch on your wrist or not. If you carry a secure Apple Watch along with a passcode, this aspect keeps your Apple Wearable unlocked when you have it on your wrist and lock right after you remove it.

  1. Head to the Watch App on the connected iPhone.
  2. Choose Passcode and enable Wrist Detection

Uninstall Any Third-Party Sleep Tracking Apps

More than often the bad coded third-party can sometimes hinder the normal functioning of the native sleep tracking feature. And if working abnormally you must try uninstalling the Third-Party Sleep Tracking Applications. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Navigate to the Watch App and select the My Watch menu.
  2. Next swipe down to Installed On Apple Watch 
  3. Search and hit on the Third-party app and disable the toggle for Show App On Apple Watch.

Update Watch OS

If the sleep tracking on your Apple Watch 8 or Apple Watch 8 Ultra is not working due to a bug, wait for a future update.  


These are the 8 best ways to fix Sleep Not working problem on your Apple Watch. We hope it shows you a positive result. If none of it works for you, you try contacting Apple Support Team. Or else check if you have not encountered any hardware damage due to the random fall or drop. If this is the case, go to the nearest Apple Service Station. 

Why Is My Apple Watch Stopped Tracking Sleep?

However, if your Apple Watch Battery Dies! It won’t able to track sleep. Ensure you are wearing the Apple Watch 8 or Apple Watch 8 Ultra comfortably because the Accelerometer May be loose during natural walking movement.

How To Enable Apple Watch Sleep Tracking?

Open Watch App on your iPhone, select My Watch Tab, and then select Sleep. Then hit Track Sleep with Apple to enable these settings.

How Do Reset Sleep App On The Apple Watch?

Navigate to the Settings App on the Apple Watch. Hit Sleep, then after customizing the settings: Turn On At Window Down, predefined, the Sleep Focus starts at winds down configured in the sleep application.

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