Guide to Fix Safari AutoFill Not Working On iPhone 14/14Pro/14ProMax

Along with an innovation of a Cloud System; iPhone’s AutoFill Password is a super convenient aspect that automatically fills all your Passwords, Information, and Addresses while using certain apps like SMS, Bitwarden, Safari, Chrome, etc. It makes filling up detail more hassle-freely and without any mistakes. Over time being habitual of it and suddenly AutoFill on all iPhone 14 Models is not working gets in a way is one of the frustrating situations. 

In this scenario, most users are stuck about why is AutoFill Password not working on iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Occasionally the random glitch can be the villain, or outdated software can be the cause of AutoFill on the iPhone 14 line-up not working. Fortunately here are some of the effective ways to get back your AutoFill Password feature work normally. 

Guide To Fix AutoFill Password Not Working On iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, And iPhone 14 Pro Max

This troubleshooting guide will help you to get rid of AutoFill Password not working on iPhone after the iOS Update. So continue reading the article until you find your way to fix it. 

Ensure That iCloud Keychain Is Enabled

As mentioned earlier the AutoFill Password feature on the iPhone is a collaboration with an iCloud Keychain. So be sure it’s not disabled otherwise you will encounter AutoFill Password not working on iPhone 14 Pro. 

  1. Navigate to Settings, and select [Your Name] at the top.
  2. Select iCloud > Password & Keychain.
  3. Enable Keychain. On the next prompt, you will be asked to enter a password.

Now re-try AutoFill Password in any web or app to verify if the issue is fixed.

Disable Private Browsing

When Private Browsing is enabled, you will definitely experience AutoFill Password not working on Safari. So if the Private Browsing is active, ensure to turn off the feature to make AutoFill from working accurately. 

  1. Access Safari on your iPhone. Then, select Tabs located at the right bottom corner. 
  2. Next, select Private at the left bottom corner and then choose Done,

That’s It!

Verify That The AutoFill Toggles For Contact Info And Credit Cards Are Enabled

Accidentally, you may have turned off the AutoFill Toggles for credit cards and contact info in Safari Settings and eventually forget it to enable. As they are essential, ensure to enable it. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Safari.
  2. Choose AutoFill.
  3. Now, enable the toggle for Contact Info and Credit Cards.

As always check to verify if AutoFill not working on iPhone 14 is fixed. If not, let’s try your luck in the next troubleshooting. 

Turn OFF/ON AutoFill And Check Your Saved Websites/Apps Passwords

If the issue yet remained to fix, give access to the autoFill to wide websites and apps. Also, verify the saved app and website passwords to assure they are accurate.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Password & Account > Website & App Password.
  2. Select a Specific Account And Edit it.
  3. After this move to AutoFill Password Toggle and then reboot your device. Hold for a few seconds and re-enable AutoFill Password. 

Update iOS

If none of the above-mentioned solutions fixed AutoFill not working on iPhone 14 Pro Max or any other iPhone 14 Model, wait for future updates. It might well be the answer just like other issues on iPhone 14 such as Weather Widget and iPhone Freezing and lagging. 

Bottom Line

I hope AutoFill password issue on iPhone 14 models is on the track after going through the troubleshooting guide. As these workarounds worked for many old iPhone models.

How Do I Get My Password To AutoFill?

To turn on AutoFill for your Credit Card Information or Contacts: Head to Settings > Safari > AutoFill, then enable either option.
Similarly, to Turn On AutoFill for passwords: Navigate to Settings > Passwords, unlock the display, select AutoFill Passwords then disable AutoFill Password.

What Does AutoFill Password Mean On iPhone?

AutoFill on iPhone is the aspect that offers you to select a Password on various trusted websites or applications.

Why Is AutoFill Not Working On iPhone?

There is a certain possibility for AutoFill not working on iOS16; sudden tweak in the device settings, petty bug. To fix it, follow the mentioned guide.

Why Is Safari Not Auto-Filling My Passcode?

You might have disabled the Safari AutoFill Settings; Go to Settings > Safari > AutoFill, the enable either option from the available list.

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