How To Check Samsung Phone Is Original Or Not: 10 Ways!

Samsung flagship is one of the most popular smartphones globally, and that’s because of its advanced features and astonishing design. However, with the rise of duplicate products in the market, it is tough to identify between fake and real Samsung Galaxy phone. Fret not! We will let you know different ways to check Samsung phone is original or not.

1. Validate IMEI Number

The first and foremost step to check if the Samsung phone is original without unboxing is by validating IMEI number. Here is how to check original Samsung with IMEI.

  1. Search for IMEI number on the phone box. 
  2. Then navigate to IMEI.Info.
  3. In Enter IMEI field, enter the IMEI Number.
  4. And hit on the Check Button.

You will find information and detail about your Samsung Flagship. And If there is no information available, it means the device is fake.

2. Cross-check IMEI Number On Box And Settings App

There is a possibility the IMEI number on the box might be of an older Samsung device, so it’s great to check it IMEI number on the settings app. 

  1. Head to the Settings App.
  2. Swipe down and select About Device or About Phone.
  3. On the next screen, you will see complete information; IMEI, Model, and Serial Number. 

Alternatively, dial *#06# code to check original Samsung phone in your Phone App. On the next screen, your encounter IMEI and serial number.

3. Cross-check if Samsung phone is original using Serial Number

Unlike the IMEI, every Samsung phone includes a unique serial number. So before unboxing it, do Samsung serial number check on the box. And further set up and access the Phone. After this, head to the Settings App. Swipe down and select About Phone or About Device. On the next screen, you will receive a Serial Number. If it doesn’t match the one mentioned in the box, it means the Samsung phone isn’t original. 

4. Dial *#0*#

The Samsung Galaxy flagship is built with a secret diagnostic to check whether the phone’s functionality is working. To access it, dial this Samsung original code *#0*# in the phone app; if the device is genuine, it will immediately appear the diagnostic tool. If not, the device is fake.

5. Go Through The Physical Appearance

Some unique appearance aspect makes the Samsung phone unique. 

  • You will see the Power Button and Volume Buttons on the device’s bezel. 
  • Check the USB-C Type port at the bottom of the Samsung phone.
  • Finally, look at the frames, camera look, and design. It should match with design mentioned on the official website. 

Keep note; fake Samsung phones are weaker in construction and slightly different in design compared to the original version. Further, the fake Samsung flagship has a missing part at an unexpected location.  

6. Make sure Internal Parts Are Not Changed

Often the fake Samsung S23 ultra and other Samsung flagships consume duplicate parts, and from them, most commonly found in the Display. However, if your Samsung flagship isn’t offering the user experience, the device is fake. 

To find check whether the display is original or not:

  • Dial *#0*# in the Phone App from the diagnostic tool, and one-by-one tap Red, Green, and Blue. If it’s working, the screen is original.
  • Enable Dark Mode.
  • Turn on Haptic Feedback.

7. Check Network Connectivity 

Unlike the other Android device, the Samsung phone includes connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Buying a Samsung phone that won’t connect to any of the parts can be FAKE!

8. Verify OS

If you carry the latest Samsung flagship and it’s not updated to the latest OS version or not receiving the update at all, it means the device is fake. 

  1. Head to the Settings App.
  2. Swipe down and select About Phone or About Device. 
  3. Swipe down to the Android Version, and in case you find it older version, which means the Samsung phone is a duplicate. 

9. Activate Bixby

Bixby is an in-house assistant of the Samsung Phone. However, it’s only available in the premium Samsung flagship. So if you carry any of the premium phones, try accessing the Bixby by pressing the Power Button. If it doesn’t appear, it means Samsung is not real.

10. Check From Samsung Store Or Service Provider

If you are still unable to figure out whether the Samsung phone is real or fake, you will need to carry the device to the nearest Samsung Store or Authorized Service Provider. You can ask for a diagnostic test from an expert technician.

Check Samsung Phone Is Original Or Not!

Purchasing a duplicate Samsung phone, even after paying a hefty amount of price, can be frustrating. Therefore it’s vital to verify your flagship before making a final purchase. Whether you are planning to buy one or just recently purchased one, this guide will definitely help you out. 

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