Google Pay Not Working On Samsung Watch? 11 Working Fixes!

Google Pay is an easy, quick, and secure way to do contactless payments. But things don’t go your way if Google Pay not working on Samsung Watch. If that’s what you are going through, here are some practical solutions you must try.

1. Have You Setup Google Pay Properly? 

Before we have a ride to the high-end troubleshooting step, ensure that you have accurately set up Google Pay on your watch. If that’s not so, you cannot make a payment. Verify it by following our guide on how to set up Google Pay on Samsung Watch. 

2. Force Quit Google Pay 

Another solution you must try when Galaxy Watch5 Google Pay not working is Force Quit. For that, swipe up from the Home Screen. Now select Grey Icon with Two Circles, usually located at the top. Tap on it, and after that, apps running in the background will appear. Now swipe right and search Google Pay, and once you get it, swipe it up. It’s likely to say your issue will resolve.

3. Update Google Pay

The Google Pay app on Samsung watch active 2 might stop working if it’s not updated to the latest version. To update it, follow the steps below.

  1. Access the Galaxy Wearable App on a connected iPhone.
  2. Tap on Watch Settings.
  3. Select Apps.
  4. At the top of the list app, you see app having an update. If there is a Google Pay update available, tap on Update Option. 

That’s It!

4. Ask Store For Different Reader

At times there are chances where the reader through which you are making a payment is faulty. So if you have tried the tips mentioned above and still cannot pay via Google Pay, request an alternative reader from the store owner. And in case the store has multiple terminals, try paying through them. 

5. Restart Your Samsung Watch

Pesky bugs within the Samsung Watch OS can cause issues, including Google Pay not working on Galaxy Watch5 pro. But the best part is you can fix it by a normal restart. For that, follow the steps below.

  1. Press the Side Button, and your Galaxy Watch will highlight Power-Off Menu.
  2. From there, click on Restart and let the procedure get finished. 

Hopefully, Google Pay will start working usually. 

6. Make Sure Google Pay Is Enabled On Your Watch

  1. Head to the Galaxy Wearable App on a connected iPhone. 
  2. Select Watch Settings.
  3. Hit Apps.
  4. Tap on Filter Icon. Then select Disabled.
  5. Hit on the Google Play Store, and further select Turn On from the bottom of the screen. 

7. Check Google Pay Server Status 

When Google Pay on Watch stop working, there might be global outrage. However, users are pretty active about it on various platforms. You may take a moment and Check Google Pay Server Status. 

8. Clear The Cache And Data Of Google Pay

Another possibility for Google Pay on Samsung Watch 3 not working is a corrupted cache or data. Thus we recommend clearing by following the steps below. 

  1. Access the Galaxy Wearable App on a connected Samsung phone.
  2. Choose Apps.
  3. Select Google Pay from the list of applications.
  4. Hit Storage.
  5. Tap Clear Cache.

Further, tap on Clear Data from the same screen. And select OK.

9. Enable NFC

If you can make payment via Google Pay on Galaxy watch even after tapping, ensure the NFC is enabled. For that, head to the Settings App on your watch. Select Connections. Choose NFC, and toggle to enable it.  

10. Update OS 

It’s a great initiative to update the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Keeping the watch outdated for a longer duration can make it glitchy and cause certain issues, including Google pay not working on Samsung Watch 4. Here is what you need to do. 

Note: Keep the Galaxy Watch connected to the Wi-Fi while doing so. 

  1. On your watch, access the Settings App.
  2. Swipe down and select Software Update. 
  3. Now let the system check for updates. And if an update is available, the watch will get automatically updated to the latest version.

11. Check If Your Samsung Galaxy Watch Have Ample Space

If your Samsung watch doesn’t have enough space, it can cause issues with overall functioning. If that’s so with your flagship, we recommend deleting inaccessible data from your flagship. However, there is no identical way to delete data individually; it’s only possible by Resetting Samsung Galaxy Watch.

  1. Access the Galaxy Wearable App on the connected phone.
  2. Hit on Watch Settings.
  3. Tap General.
  4. Choose Reset; for confirmation, tap on Reset once again. 

That’s It!

Fixed Google Pay Not Working On Samsung Watch!

With combination of troubleshooting steps mentioned in the above article, your Google wallet not working on Galaxy Watch issue might have got resolved. Lastly, if none of the tricks work for you, you can Contact Google Pay Support.

What Should I Do If Google Pay Is Not Supported In My Region?

Unfortunately, you be able to use the app on your Samsung Galaxy Watch. And the option left around is using its alternative, for instance, Samsung Pay.

Can I Use Samsung Pay Instead Of Google Pay On my Samsung Watch?

Yes, why not. The owned-designed app, Samsung Pay, includes more advanced features than Google Pay, such as the ability to use magnetic strip terminals.

Can I User Google Pay On My Samsung Watch Without a Phone? 

You can only use Google Pay without the phone only when you have a standalone cellular version of watch as it has its own data plan. 

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