Fix S Pen Keeps Disconnected on Samsung Note 10Plus, Note 20

As we all know the Samsung Note devices are comparatively more powerful, which means there are chances of receiving more bugs that especially the issue related to the s pen not connecting note 10 plus. Most commonly this happens due to susceptible and fragile S pen.

Here are some of the effective workaround to fix the Samsung S pen not working on Note 10. So continue to read the article and follow the given below steps.

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What Causes Of Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen Malfunctions?

Restart Device

Usually minor software or firmware bugs can create the screen to lag and s pen not connecting note 10 plus or become unresponsive. This issue can be handily fixed by a simple and effective reboot of the device. Because it will refresh the device processor and all other services and also fix “if I remove the S-pen the pen gets a disconnected” issue. So perform restart and see if the issue is fixed or not.

Detach Third Part Cases And Cover

There are various companies of the cases and cover that designed the case having the magnets and metals that interrupt with a connection S pen and Galaxy note smartphone. This can be an un-noticeable culprit if you are not familiar with those kinds of issues. Try detaching the third-party case and see if the issue is fixed or not.

Detach Screen Protector

Still, S pen won’t connect on galaxy note 10, likewise, the cases and low-rated screen protector can also interrupt the functionality between S pen and note 10. We recommend detaching the protector and verifying the problem.

Verify the device Settings

There are chances where the accidental touch on the unwanted settings like power-saving mode or an Airplane mode is enabled. Because this feature doesn’t allow the device to connect with an S pen. So ensure that both the feature are disable on your device.

Increase Touch Sensitivity

Sometimes the low touch sensitivity can be the reason of various S pen disconnected on note 10 Reddit. So try increasing the touch sensitivity and see if the issue is fixed or not.

  • Navigate to Settings > Display Symbol.
  • Select the Touch Sensitivity and enable it.

After enabling the touch sensitivity, you will experience enhancement in the screen responsiveness.

Charge the S Pen

The S battery can be last long to 200 clicks, and if you have detached the S pen from the device for a long time, battery will drain and it might stop working. We recommend charging the S pen at full capacity and simply inserting it into your device and charge it the full capacity. How to check your S pen battery life? follow the given below steps

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Hit Advance Features.
  • Select S Pen > Air Action. Doing so will feature the battery life of the S Pen.

Verify A Software Update

Another s pen disconnected fix is a software update. An older version of the software can receive various kinds of unwilling bugs. Which can only be fixed by updating the software. So check if the developer has launched the update to fix those bugs and enhance the device performance.

Pair S Pen

The S pen links with help of a Bluetooth feature that uses the frequent signal to get connected with a device. And Bluetooth has the ability to remain connected for a long period. But sometimes there are chances that you might encounter Bluetooth keeps disconnecting which ultimately results in S pen disconnected on note 20 issue. So to prevent this, we recommend placing the S pen into note 10 and wait for a couple of seconds and then re-establish the connection.

Reset S Pen

S pen always remains disconnected and won’t connect with note 10. No worries try resetting the S pen, and verify the issue is fixed or not.

  • Navigate to Settings > Advance Features > S Pen.
  • Hit on Air Icon.
  • Select the 3 Dot option present at the right top corner of the display and touch Reset S Pen.

Boot the Device To Safe Mode

Unlike the safe mode in windows, this is a handy way to boot the note 10 without any array of a third-party application. It will help to fix a low-level issue causing s pen not working on part of the screen and pop up the culprit behind it. After booting the safe mode, move the S pen on the screen to perform a task.

  • Switch Off the phone.
  • Press the Power Button for one or two seconds to switch on the device.
  • When the Samsung Symbol features press the Volume Low Button until the lock screen features.
  • Doing so will feature the lock screen and tap on the Safe Mode present at the left lower corner.
  • If you want your device out from safe mode, simply restart the device.

If your device works perfectly in Safe mode, try uninstalling the third-party application as they are the main culprit behind it.

Replace S Pen Tip

If galaxy note 10 still remains unresponsive to the S pen, it is time to change an S Pen tip. Thankfully, the Samsung device comes with extra tips in the box and an S pen tip detacher. How do you change the galaxy note S pen tip? No worries! Simply follow the given below instruction.

  • To change the S pen tip, remove the existing nib easily with help of the tweezers that come in the box. After this, handily install the new tip. Ensure that have not used excessive force in the procedure.

Perform Factory Reset

If the S pen disconnected on note 9 issue begins after a firmware or software update, it might happen due to the minor glitch that comes just after an update. In such a scenario, bringing back the device to the default software can fix the issue. Only assure that you have back-up all the data stored in the device as doing a factory reset will vanish out all data.

  • Navigate to Settings > General Management.
  • Select Reset > Factory Data Reset.
  • Swipe down and hit on the Reset.
  • Touch the Delete All to start the restart.

Look For S Pen Alternatives

No worries! If the S pen is not fixed yet then are various S pen alternatives available in the market.

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