Fix Spotify Keeps Crashing on Samsung S22Ultra, S22, S22Plus

Spotify keeps crashing on Samsung S22 Ultra

Well, there is a huge number of users for the Spotify app but unluckily the users are encountering various problems and creating an irritating situation, and it’s a big thing to work on. It can be due to minor software bugs which can be fixed handily.

Did you recently encounter “Spotify keeps crashing” on the Samsung S22? Searching for the last fixture for the Spotify app keeps stopping the problem as it not working perfectly? No worries! Continue reading the article as we have mentioned some of the best workarounds to fix Spotify keeps crashing on Samsung S22 ultra.

Fix Spotify Keeps Crashing On Samsung S22, S22 Plus, & S22 Ultra

Force Restart Device

Why does Spotify keep pausing? Well, it’s completely unknown but turning the device off and then on will fix Spotify keeps crashing on Android. The only reason it works is that usually there are various processor keeps running in the background along with a bunch of applications that keep continuously switching throughout the day. To do so, simply press the power button until the power off menu appears. After that tap on the red power off option.

Disable Then Enable The Internet Connection On Your Device

Another most common culprit behind Spotify randomly stopping is a corrupted internet connection. Being the best streaming application, the app needs the best quality internet connection. However, if you going through a bug resulting Spotify keeps crashing android. in such a scenario, disable the internet connection on the Samsung device. Because doing so will refresh the internet connection. After doing so wait for a while and see if the Spotify keeps crashing S22 plus is fixed or not.

Try To Play Music On Different Device

Considering the issue lies within the device, in such a scenario you should verify playing a song in a different device. Plus, you can verify the basic requirement of Spotify to run properly right before accessing the application.

Clear Cache

Do you ever wonder why does Spotify keep stopping? Well, one of the most common problems could be corrupted or an overloaded cache. But why does Spotify stop playing even after frequently clearing the cache on the Samsung S22? This usually happens because in the music application all the data accumulate and that interrupts halfway during the download process. And as usual, it takes up device storage and ultimately results in Spotify causing the phone to restart. Thus clearing your cache can help to the error.

Sign-Out And Sign-In

Most of the device comes with memory and battery optimization aspects running right in the background, which ultimately creates and problem when apps for a long time. Thus, the most effective and handy hack to fix Spotify keeps stopping is a sign out from the account. After that wait for a few seconds and then sign in to the application once again.

Verify The App Version

Listening to the mediate song, and then suddenly the ear stops capturing the sound… then you wonder Spotify keeps pausing! One of the most unwanted reasons behind it is the outdated application version. In such a scenario, we recommend verifying the version application on your device. If it’s outdated then instantly install the latest version of Spotify. As the new version surely fixes the Spotify wrapped crashing at the same point it enhances the performance of the application.

Verify Storage Problem

If you are still not able to fix Spotify keeps stopping in between, you need to consider the storage. Because there are chances where the device doesn’t have enough storage to run the Spotify application effortlessly. Thus, if there is not sufficient space, simply clear out all the unwanted images, files, data, and videos present in the device.

Wrapping Up!

If Spotify keeps pausing, crashing, or stopping on the Samsung S22 series device, the above-mentioned step will definitely help to fix it. If it doesn’t work in between, it usually the basic problems like data saver, or a power-saving mode. But in most cases signing out and it is the most effective solution to fix Spotify keeps crashing.  

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