Fix Spotify Canvas Not Showing in Settings: iPhone/Samsung

Is Spotify Canvas only for Premium? Fortunately, the answer is NO. Canvas is available for Premium as well as Free version. Not to mention, Spotify Canvas is available for Android and iOS devices with no restrictions but only region-specific limitations. Now get over the boring static screen while playing the songs when you have Spotify Canvas’s 8-second video clip that automatically plays. If Spotify Canvas not working on iPhone or Samsung, jump down to the below section to fix the issue.

Make sure to Enable Spotify Canvas

How to get Spotify on Canvas? Well, Spotify has introduced the Canvas feature recently, and all the newly introduced features need to be enabled manually, by default Spotify Canvas is disabled. It’s better to check and enable Canvas before struggling with other solutions.

Keep note that if Spotify Canvas is already enabled, then disable, force close the Spotify App and re-launch it and enable Canvas.

  1. Launch Spotify App on your device.
  2. Tap on upper-right Settings gear.
  3. Find and turn on Canvas feature from there.

Update Spotify App

Is your Spotify Canvas not showing in settings? Did you update the Spotify App? Make sure auto-update is set to ON for Spotify App, and it is recommended to enable auto-update for all the apps for smooth usage of app and, ultimately the phone. Here’s how to update Spotify App on iPhone and Samsung.

To update Spotify on iPhone/Samsung, open the App Store/Google Play and search for Spotify App, and there if the update is pending, tap Update.  

Logout and Login to Spotify Account

If Spotify Canvas not loading/stopped working, then sign out and sign in to the Spotify Account might help. Spotify is cloud based app, which can be accessed by entering the email/phone and password. And all your account-related preferences remain the same, no matter where you log in to Spotify.

However, in some cases, if you’re unable to use Canvas on Spotify, better be logout and log in to your Spotify account. Open the Spotify App and Logout of it. Force close the Spotify App and then sign in to Spotify App with the same credentials.

Check Spotify Server

Visit Down Detector Website to check the real-time Spotify Server Status. If the Spotify server is down, you may face difficulties in using some features, or the app won’t load at all. And Down Detector is one of the most accurate websites to get such information. Spotify Servers are up and running, then jump to the next resolution.

Switch Internet Connection to Wi-Fi or Cellular

Internet Connection play a major role in supporting applications like Spotify. Any corrupted cache or unstable internet connection can disturb the playlist or the feature itself. Since Spotify Canvas not working Android/iOS, switch to a different internet connection. If currently, the device is using Wi-Fi, then, disable the Wi-Fi and enable Cellular or vice versa.

Disable Data Saver for Spotify

Spotify’s default data saver mode is definitely a data saver, but it won’t support Artist Canvas. So if Spotify Canvas not working in 2023, you should recheck and disable the data saver mode from Spotify.

  1. Go to the Spotify App.
  2. Tap on Settings gear in the upper-right corner and disable Save Data.

Check if Spotify Canvas is Supported in Region

While writing this article, Spotify Canvas is not rolled out across the world. So, before we deep dive into the troubleshooting steps, first check whether the Spotify Canvas availability is there in your region or not. If Spotify Canvas is not available in your region, kindly check this link regularly.

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