Fix Samsung Watch 4 (& Classic) Notifications Not Working

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Notifications Not Working

Another petty problem with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is that it doesn’t receive notifications from the device when it’s paired. Some users encountered that the notification stopped working just after and use for a few days. If you are having an issue with no sound of notification when received on Samsung Watch 4 no matter it’s from Whatsapp, text message, and Facebook. Don’t worry it can be petty bugs that can be solved by simply performing the troubleshooting steps.

In this article, we have mentioned all the effective steps to fix the Galaxy Watch 4 Notification not working, continue to read the article and perform on your device.

Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/Watch 4 Classic Not Receiving Notifications

Restart your Phone And Watch

Firstly, restarting both the watch 4 and phone is well enough to solve the notification problem. To restart the Samsung watch 4 press the Power Key on your watch till you receive various options. Select Power Off, wait for few seconds, and press the Power Key once again till you feature the Samsung logo. Then let out the Power Key to switch it on.

Turn On Notification In Wearable App

Turn on the notifications in the Galaxy wearable app to encounter them on your Samsung watch 4.

  • Go to Galaxy Wearable App on your smartphone.
  • Hit the Notification located at the home tab.
  • Check if the toggle is turned on. Because this toggle allows notifications to visible on your watch. And if it’s disabled, then you will face a Whatsapp notification not showing on galaxy watch 4.

Verify Individual App Notification

Additionally, you need to verify and turn on the notification of each application installed in the device.

  • Go to Wearable Application.
  • Hit on Notification.
  • Tap Recently Sent Notification.
  • Hit the Toggle present next to the application.

You will find some apps with a straight bar present next to them. That ultimately means those apps offer Notification Settings>Firstly turn on the Alert options. Then try using another Notification Tone.

Allow Notification Access

The associated app or Galaxy wearable app needs access to your device notification to visible them on the Samsung watch 4. But to do so, you need to allow the permission. Well all of them should set up earlier, but their chances that it might be gotten accidentally off.

  • Go to Settings on your Android device
  • Search for the Special Access. And if it doesn’t visible hit on the Three-Dot Icon present at the top right corner.
  • Tap on the Special Apps>Notification Access.
  • Turn on the toggle present next to the Wearable Application.

Turn On App Notification On Phone (Android Device)

Another setting that might be culprit is individual application notification settings.

  • Go to Settings on your Android device.
  • Hit the Apps.
  • Select the corrupted application from which notification not featured on your Samsung Watch 4. Let’s considered the Phone App.
  • Hit on the Notification.
  • Your eyes will capture the variety of notification categories related to that. First, ensure the main toggle for notification is turned on. Usually, if the application notifications are turned off on your device, will not receive on your Samsung watch 4 too.
  • Select each individual notification and enable them. Also, verify the tone you have opted for has high volume.

Turn On Share System Notification (iPhone Only)

Once you have linked your galaxy watch 4 with the iPhone, you need to grant permission to have access of notifications. For that, Head towards the Settings>Bluetooth>(i). Turn on the toggle present next to Share System Notifications.

Turn On Notification Review (iPhone Only)

If you aren’t featuring the notification on your iPhone, this happens because you have not turned on the notification preview to visible the Galaxy watch notification. Well to do so, go to phone Settings>Notifications. Select Show Preview> Always.

Turn Off Various Notification Settings

As we all know the Galaxy watch 4 comes with a variety of features to enhance the performance and user experience of device. And usually, those aspects are the culprit causing a problem. To the given steps.

Go to Device Settings > Notifications.

In notifications, you will find “Show Only While Wearing Device” and turn on it. It’s because the device requires a sensor that doesn’t work perfectly and ultimately it creates a problem.

  • Go to the Galaxy Wearable Application on your device.
  • Hit on Notification Modes.
  • Here you will receive notification settings. Reach them by hitting on “See All Notification Settings” option.
  • Disable the toggle present beside “Show Only While Wearing Device”. Turn on the toggle present beside “Show While Using Phone”.

Disable Notification Modes

Galaxy watch 4 comes with varieties of notification modes like Theatre mode, Goodnight, and Do not disturb. If any of these notification modes are turned on then you will not receive any notification. To prevent the galaxy watch 4 notification from not working, simply, disable all those features.

  • On your Samsung Watch, go to Settings>Advanced.
  • Assure all these mentioned features are turned off.

Update Apps

Ever since a wearable application can be considered as the heart of the Samsung watch 4, so to run it well it should be free of glitches. To verify if there is an availability update in the app store.

Clear Cache And Data (Only Android)

  • If your Samsung watch 4 is linked with an Android device and still issue is not fixed, try clearing the cache of the app.
  • Go to Settings>Apps>Galaxy Wearable.
  • Hit Storage>Clear Cache and restart the device.

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