Fix Samsung Keyboard Keeps Freezing and Lagging

Many users of the Samsung device encounter typing delay and lag on pre-installed keyboards. These not only visible in the single app but also encountered on the various apps present in the device. So if you keep receiving the problem regularly don’t worry. It could be a minor glitch or petty firmware issue.

Don’t worry! we line up the best fixture to fix the Samsung keyboard that keeps freezing. So continue to read this article as it may help effectively.

Fix Samsung Keyboard Keeps Freezing/Lagging

Restart Your Device

It may be sound silly to some users, restarting the Samsung device can fix a common issue on various devices. It fixes app crashes, and other silly problems to keep your Samsung device running smoothly.

  • Press the Power Key for few seconds.
  • Lastly, hit Restart.

Reset Keyboard Settings

Resetting the keyboard settings brings the device to the default version, so it could be effective. And the user of the older version flagship encounter the same issue and fixed it with the simple resetting keyboard on Samsung. So we recommend you to perform these on your Samsung Galaxy device.

Note: Performing these steps will reset all keyboard language settings, so you need to configure them once again.

  • Run the Keyboard on the Landscape Mode.
  • Tap on the Settings Icon present on the keyboard
  • Navigate to “Reset To Default Settings”.
  • Lastly, hit Reset.

Clear Keyboard Cache and Data

Clearing the data and cache of the app permit you to clear the corrupted files which generate the bugs in the device. Also clearing the cache and data will also not affect the data stored in the device. So if you made any customization with the device keyboard, will bring back the device keyboard to default mode and it will load with the fresh caches.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Search and hit Apps.
  • Tap on preinstalled Keyboard App.
  • Hit on Memory>Clear Cache And Data.

Force Restart Your Keyboard

If clearing the cache and data doesn’t bring the result, you can try to perform force restart on your Samsung device. With the help of “Force Stop” feature fix all kinds of keyboard issues that users encounter.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Hit the Keyboard App.
  • Lastly, hit “Force Stop”.

Boot Your Device into Safe Mode

If you are confused, who is the culprit? Well, the safe mode is the right choice because it allows only the pre-installed app to present the device. Because nowadays various apps include the corrupted files.

  • Press the Power Key.
  • Tap on the Power Off key.
  • Touch OK to confirm.

Use Third-party Keyboard Apps

If your default app doesn’t run accurately, so try to change the keyboard by installing a third-party keyboard that is compatible with an Android device.

Update the Device Software

The outdated software on Samsung devices will bring a bunch of issues in the device. So verify if there is the availability of the update, instantly update the device without any hesitation.

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