Samsung S10 and S10 Plus Not Charging: 10 Suggestions

Samsung S10 not charging

Since Samsung Galaxy S8, the Samsung started manufacturing Dust and water-resistant devices and so this feature continues to Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship. If your S10 not charging, showing Moisture Detected error or S10 stops charging then you might want to keep the device in dry air. The device will prevent charging when you connect the charger to secure your phone from other critical damages.

So if you find Samsung Galaxy S10 stop charging then don’t panic just keep the device in the air and let the moisture get cleaned. Also, it is recommended to keep your device turned off to avoid any complicated issues. Still Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus showing moisture error then try to use wireless charger instead of cable. That will fix S10 won’t charging problems temporarily.

Samsung Galaxy S10, and S10 Plus, not charging with Black and Unresponsive screen

To get rid of S10 won’t charge after the update, S10 won’t fast charge or S10 won’t charge moisture, the below-listed solutions will be helpful for you.

Force Reboot the Device

Did you try to charge with a wireless charger? If yes and still S10 won’t fast charge then you might want to try this. Once you reboot the phone, this will give a fresh start to the system as well as it stimulates battery.

  • Press and hold the Volume down button and do not release.
  • Simultaneously press the Power button and keep holding the Volume down button.
  • Hold them for at least 10 seconds.

Change the Cable

Make sure you are using the original Samsung cable to charge the device. Alongside, try to connect the adapter with another socket and then check if you have really fixed S10 Plus won’t charge. Moreover, leave the charger connected to the device for 10 to 20 minutes and see if it works. Check USB C Cable for Samsung.

Connect the Charger and Force Restart the phone

If the above solution doesn’t help to fix Galaxy S10 stop charging frequently then connect the charger to your device and follow the steps below,

  • Hold down the Power button and Volume down button together for 10 seconds while the device is connected to the charger.

Confirm Charging accessories are working

If cleaning the charging port doesn’t fix S10 not charging, the next best way is to verify the accessories you are using for it is properly working or not. Just simply charge your device with another set of charging accessories or else if your friend or family member having S10 then try your charging accessories on it. If it works properly take your device to nearer the service center.

Check Charging port

Their chances where the debris may get stuck in the charging port, so we recommend you to clean the charging port. The best option to clean is, gently move the toothpick inside the port around all the corners, shake the phone to remove the dust or debris.

Charge on Safe Mode

Sometime no well-coded app may interfere with Android OS and creates various issues like charging not working on S10. To verify, enable safe mode on Samsung Galaxy S10 and check if it charges properly or not. Because in safe mode, the third-party apps are disabled, so if third party app is culprit, then your will S10 charge normally on safe mode.

  • Hold the Power Keys till power-off symbol prompt on the screen.
  • Touch the Power Off Symbol till safe mode appears.
  • Hit the Safe Mode symbol and your device will go to safe mode.

Moisture Detection Error on S10

Well mainly when the device gets moisture then we receive an error message and sometime we may not receive an error message, that doesn’t mean your device is not “Moisture Detected”. So we recommend you put the device in an uncooked device for 2 days or else use a silica gel pack.

Perform Factory Reset

If you protect your device and it’s not dropped once then we preferred to perform a factory reset on Samsung Galaxy S10. Because it is likely to say that it could be a software issue.

  • Head towards Settings.
  • Search and hit General Management.
  • Select Reset.
  • Touch Factory Reset Data.
  • Finally hit Reset.

If Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10e won’t charge wirelessly

In case Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t charge wirelessly than to make sure there are no hardware issues related to charging, use the wired charger to verify it. If it wired charger works properly then definitely there is a problem with the wireless charger you should replace it. However, if wired and wireless charger both didn’t work then you should contact for support, they will fix S10 won’t charge issue.

Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e not charging with wired Charger

Alternatively, if you are facing a weird issue with a wired charger then there could be a defect in the charger. To verify kindly try another charger to know why S10 not charging. Temporarily you can go for a wireless charger.

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